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Niger: Governor Expresses Gratitude to Bank Group for Zinder Region Agricultural Development Project

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The Zinder Region Governor, Yahaya Yandaka, recently handed over an official document containing testimonies of satisfaction to the AfDB Director of Operations West 1, Janvier Litsé, as a sign of gratitude for invaluable services the Bank Group had provided to Damagaram residents. Financed by the Bank Group with UA 5.8 million, the Zinder Region Agricultural Development Project (PADAZ) has made it possible to provide safe drinking water, create cooperatives, build rural roads for the moving of produce and reclaim some 652 hectares of land on which the population is farming.  "We have been waiting for 35 years for this dam to be built. We have been hoping for a long time. We had to wait for PADAZ. With the construction of this dam, we are sure of our food self-sufficiency. We are also able to move our surpluses to neighboring markets. Our lives have changed. Thank you, AfDB," a spokesperson for the 4,000-strong beneficiary riverain community in Kassama, said.

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