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Niger intensifies battle against desertification and drought


Niger is just one of the first three developing countries worldwide chosen to operationalize the CIF’s Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR). With a grant of USD 50 million and another USD 60 million in concessional funding, Niger plans to improve climate resilience and food security, with special focus on gender and the most vulnerable groups. The strategy involves  mainstreaming climate resilience into development strategies; expanding sustainable land management initiatives and integrating them into planning and budgeting processes; updating the quality of weather and climate information and making it publicly available; and improving monitoring and evaluation methodologies.

Out of the total USD 110 million in PPCR funding, USD 35 million will be channeled through the AfDB, which is also mobilizing an additional USD 90 million co-financing to help Niger intensify its battle against desert encroachment and devastating drought. “Niger has suffered through seven droughts in the past 40 years. The CIF funding and the co-financing it has attracted will help Niger move beyond business as usual and achieve its development and poverty reduction goals in a sustainable, climate-compatible way.” said Mafalda Duarte, Principle Climate Change Specialist and CIF Coordinator for the AfDB.

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