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Post Conflict Reconstruction in Burundi: ADF Supports Job Creation and Poverty Reduction


The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF) the concessional window of the ADB, approved a loan of 9.81 million Units of Accounts (UA*), equivalent to 15.07 million US dollars, to finance the multi-sector project for socio-economic reinsertion in the country.

The project's sector goal is to contribute to the socio-economic insertion of disadvantaged groups by creating jobs through labour-intensive work for building infrastructure and improving access to social services such as health, education and living conditions.

The project's activities will include the rehabilitation and equipping of 30 primary schools and 16 health centres, paving 8.5 kilometres of urban streets as well as cleaning and covering of 2.5 kilometres of ditches.

The project is expected to create 3400 direct jobs per year, of which 30 per cent will be for women. It will also facilitate the rehabilitation and equipping of six handicraft and vocational training centres, preparation of training programmes and guidelines and the training and retraining of teachers and managers in the ministry in charge of vocational training, which should permit the training of 3500 additional persons per year.

The project will also provide training in management and preparation of micro, small and medium businesses and non-profit associations working on HIV/AIDS. It will facilitate access to various sources of financing aimed at promoting self-sufficient community initiatives, rehabilitate and equip medical centres with HIV/AIDS detection equipment and counseling.

Finally, women and youth associations proposing income-generating activities will have access to information and specific training in production techniques, management of micro production units and improving environmental protection.

The total cost of the project is estimated at 10.95 million UA, equivalent to 16.82 million US dollars. The ADF loan will cater for 89.5% of the cost. The Government and the beneficiaries will provide remaining 1.15 million UA, represents 10.5 %.

The Bank Group’s operations in Burundi started in 1974. To date, the Group committed a total of US $ 390.07 million in 44 operations.


-Title of Project: Multi-sector project for socio-economic reinsertion

-Project Location: Bujumbura-rural, Bururi, Gitega, Kayanza and Rutana-

-Implementation Agency: Technical secretariat of the Public Works and Employment Creation, project (PWEC) Bujumbura, Burundi.

- Estimated start-up date and duration: April 2005 for four years

*1 UA = 1.53590 USD as at 01/12/2004


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