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18/01/2018 - The African Development Bank is fully engaged in ensuring efficient and sustainable agricultural production projects in its regional member countries. This can drive economic growth and poverty reduction as well as fulfil both domestic and global demand for agricultural products.

Categories: Angola, Agriculture & Agro-industries

16/01/2018 - As part of its goal to see a generational shift in agriculture on the continent, the African Development Bank has taken its ‘Farming is Cool’ initiative to school children in Nigeria.

The Bank has also launched a Junior Art Contest in Nigeria to promote the potential of agriculture to secondary school children.

Categories: Nigeria, Youth, Agriculture & Agro-industries

16/01/2018 - Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB), on Monday, January 15, received the Order of the Star of Africa with the Grade of Grand Band of the Republic of Liberia, during an investiture ceremony hosted by Liberian Head of State, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, at the C. Cecil Dennis Auditorium of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Monrovia, Liberia.

Categories: Liberia, Partnerships, Human Capital Development, Agriculture & Agro-industries, The President

11/01/2018 - « C’est dans les moments les plus difficiles qu’on doit pouvoir compter sur ses vrais amis ».

Au seuil de la nouvelle année 2018, cette sagesse populaire prend toute son sens pour le Niger qui va bénéficier d’un don de 30 millions d’UC, l’équivalent de 43 millions de dollars américains (EU) de la part de la Banque africaine de développement.

Categories: Niger, Climate Change, Human Capital Development, Poverty Reduction, Youth, Employment, Agriculture & Agro-industries

04/01/2018 - Le Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement (BAD) a accordé au Togo, un appui budgétaire au titre d’un don du Fonds africain de développement (FAD) d’un montant de 2,32 millions d’UC (1,82 milliards de FCFA) et un autre au titre de la Facilité d’appui à la transition (FAT) d’un montant de 7,21 millions d’UC (5,65 milliards de FCFA). Au total 9,53 millions d’UC, soit environ 7,47 milliards de FCFA sont octroyés au titre du Programme d’Appui à la Promotion de l’Agrobusiness (PAGPA).

Categories: Togo, Agriculture & Agro-industries

22/12/2017 - L’année 2017 s’achève sur une bonne nouvelle pour les hommes d’affaires, l’Etat et les services techniques en charge du secteur agricole au Togo. Près de 7,47 milliards de FCFA devraient être décaissés par le Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement (BAD) dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre du Programme d’appui à la promotion de l’agrobusiness (PAGPA). Accordée sous forme d’appui budgétaire, l’enveloppe de la Banque comprend un don du Fonds africain de développement de 1,82 milliard de FCFA et un autre don de la Facilité d’appui à la transition de 5,65 milliards de FCFA.

Categories: Togo, Agriculture & Agro-industries

21/12/2017 - Building the next generation of African agricultural economists was one of the key highlights of a Structural Transformation of the African Agriculture and Rural Spaces (STAARS) workshop at the headquarters of the African Development Bank, from December 11-12, 2017.

Categories: Agriculture & Agro-industries, The High 5s, Partnerships

18/12/2017 - On the occasion of International Migrants Day, December 18, the African Development Bank calls on African countries to reconstruct rural areas from zones of economic misery to zones of economic prosperity. This will in turn expand economic opportunities for African youth, leading to improvements in their lives, thereby stemming migration.

Categories: Youth, The High 5s, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Private Sector

11/12/2017 - Thousands of small and medium enterprises in Mauritius will benefit from a US $100-million loan to the country from the African Development Bank.

The Bank approved the loan through its public sector window to MauBank Holdings Ltd. in Mauritius to expand its SME business across sectors and foster private sector investments in a wide range of sectors, such as manufacturing, trade, agriculture, aquaculture, ICT and transport. The facility will promote inclusive growth in the country.

Categories: Mauritius, The High 5s, Information & Communication Technology, Transport, Agriculture & Agro-industries

07/12/2017 - The African Development Bank’s 2017 Country Results Brief released recently is dedicated Tanzania.

Categories: Tanzania, The High 5s, Infrastructure, Regional Integration, Energy & Power, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Transport