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Conférence sur la politique foncière en Afrique : créer les conditions favorables à un meilleur cadre institutionnel

27-Nov-2019 - Les États du continent africain doivent renforcer leurs institutions et financer la gouvernance foncière en Afrique : cette thématique était au cœur des débats d’une session organisée, ce mardi 26 novembre, à la 3ème édition de la Conférence sur la politique foncière en Afrique, qui se tient actuellement à Abidjan, capitale de la Côte d’Ivoire.

2019 Global Gender Summit marks concrete gains and actionable goals to surge ahead on gender equality

27-Nov-2019 - Highlights of the Summit include the launch of: AFAWA risk-sharing facility to de-risk lending to women 50 Million African Women Speak, a Pan-African networking platform Joint UNECA-African Development bank Gender index “We’ve known it from the beginning that equality and women’s empowerment is the true way for sustainable development,” Rwanda’s Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Solina Nyirahabimana told reporters at a 2019 Global Gender Summit press conference on Tuesday.

Land policy in Africa: Expert panel calls for "fair, efficient land management"

27-Nov-2019 - Experts attending this year’s conference on Land Policy in African have called for fair and efficient land management to support moves to transform the continent. The third edition of the conference on Land Policy in Africa, currently underway in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan is co-organized by the African Union, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the African Development Bank.

Conference on Land Policy in Africa: re-thinking land reform

26-Nov-2019 - Improving the agrarian system to ensure a decent livelihood for small farmers was the focus of the deliberations during a session entitled “Re-thinking land reform in Africa: New ideas, possibilities and challenges” at the 3rd Conference on Land Policy in Africa taking place in Abidjan. As Horman Chitongue, Professor at University of Cape Town, South Africa, stated: “It’s a question of guaranteeing the means for people working the land to have a livelihood from it, so that these farmers can not only work, but actually live from their work.”  

2019 Global Gender Summit: African Development Bank, partners officially launch AFAWA Risk Sharing Facility

26-Nov-2019 - The African Development Bank’s Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA) programme gained momentum with significant support from commercial banks and a $1 million commitment from the government of Rwanda. The Bank and partners officially launched AFAWA Risk Sharing Facility, on Monday, at a press conference held during the 2019 Global Gender Summit currently underway in Kigali, Rwanda.

Sommet mondial sur le genre : pour des politiques macroéconomiques favorables à l’autonomisation des femmes en Afrique

26-Nov-2019 - Un panel consacré aux politiques macroéconomiques s’est tenu ce mardi au Sommet mondial sur le genre, co-organisé par la Banque africaine de développement, le gouvernement du Rwanda et des partenaires de développement. L’objectif de la séance, modérée par Basil Jones, coordonnateur de politique et programme genre à la Banque, était d’évaluer la profondeur des politiques actuelles et d’interroger leur capacité à réaliser pleinement l’autonomisation des femmes.

2019 Global Gender Summit: to achieve new impetus towards gender parity, all stakeholders need to act in five priority areas

26-Nov-2019 - Africa needs new impetus in its journey towards gender parity. Making progress on any single indicator of gender inequality is likely to require systematic action on a range of indicators by governments, companies, communities, and individual men and women. A new McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report prepared with McKinsey & Company, Africa, The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in Africa finds that accelerating progress towards parity could boost African economies by the equivalent of 10 percent of their collective GDP by 2025.

“Women are an excellent investment”: finance leaders call for increased support for women in business

26-Nov-2019 - Leaders from multilateral development banks, financial institutions and the private sector called on peers to dispel myths about women being too “high risk” for financing - and to offer more financial services for women in business to close the gender finance gap. “We know that women are a good bet. We know they pay back. We know they run excellent businesses – and yet they are not getting financed,” said Dr Jennifer Blanke, African Development Bank Vice President for Agriculture, Human and Social Development.

African Development Bank approves $400 million to support Mozambique’s ambition to become global LNG player

26-Nov-2019 - The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group on Thursday approved a long-term Senior Loan of $400 million to support the building of an integrated Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant, including a liquifaction facility in Mozambique. The Mozambique LNG Area 1 Project, ranked Africa’s single largest Foreign Direct Investment to date, comprises a global team of energy developers and operators, led by Total alongside Mitsui, Oil India, ONGC Videsh Limited, Bharat Petroleum, PTT Exploration, as well as Mozambique’s national oil and...

First ladies panel seeks urgent policies to translate Africa’s demographic dividend into viable potential

26-Nov-2019 - “Investments in gender equality are critical to realizing demographic dividend, but we need to ensure that women have the tools to overcome the barriers they face,” First Lady of Rwanda, Jeannette Kagame told participants at a panel at the Global Gender Summit in Kigali on Monday. The panel, made up of First Ladies Kagame, Margaret Kenyatta, ministers and development experts, observed that too many women and girls still face barriers to basic rights, particularly access to labour market opportunities.

2019 Conference on Land Policy in Africa: Technology and innovation will help speed up removal of land sector corruption in Africa - African Development Bank

25-Nov-2019 - African countries must act faster to purge corruption in the land sector by harnessing technology and innovation, African Development Bank Senior Vice President Charles Boamah urged on Monday. Boamah, who was speaking to policymakers and stakeholders at a conference on Land Policy in Africa in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan, also called for the deployment of more financial and human resources to land policy development, “especially in rural areas and among the most vulnerable, including women.”

AEC 2019: Only a competitive youth will guarantee Africa’s sustainable inclusive economic growth – African Development Bank Chief Economist Charles Lufumpa

25-Nov-2019 - The youth of Africa must be empowered to be competitive in order to play a more meaningful role in the continent’s economic transformation drive, urged African Development Bank’s Acting Chief Economist and Vice-President for Economic Governance and Knowledge Management, Charles Lufumpa.

Global Gender Summit 2019: "Put prejudice behind us and give women access to finance," says Akinwumi Adesina

25-Nov-2019 - African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina has called for greater access to finance for African women when he addressed the inaugural session of the Global Gender Summit. "When women borrow, they always repay. And 90% of them repay their loans without the least problem. So, where is the risk? The problem is prejudice and the banks' lack of flexibility. We must leave this behind to allow women access to financing," President Adesina urged.

« Soyons ambitieux dans les réformes et maintenons le cap », a exhorté Akinwumi Adesina lors du Sommet extraordinaire des chefs d’État de la CEMAC à Yaoundé

25-Nov-2019 - Le président du Cameroun, Paul Biya, a ouvert officiellement, ce vendredi à Yaoundé, le Sommet extraordinaire de la Conférence des chefs d’État de la Communauté économique et monétaire de l’Afrique centrale (CEMAC), dont il est le président en exercice.

Global Gender Summit 2019: African leaders take on the responsibility to urgently close the gender gap

25-Nov-2019 - ‘There is no template to follow…we (women) can deliver but we can deliver differently” - President Sahle-Work Zewde, President of Ethiopia ‘We are making sure that narrowing this gender gap is everyone’s responsibility,’ President Paul Kagame of Rwanda “This discrimination is political, economic and social; it is politically incorrect, unjustifiable socially.’ - Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat

Sénégal : la Banque africaine de développement octroie plus de 62 millions pour la mobilisation des ressources et l’efficacité des reformes

22-Nov-2019 - Le Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement a validé un prêt de 62,5 millions d’euros en faveur du Sénégal pour soutenir la première phase du Programme d’appui à la mobilisation des ressources et à l’efficacité des réformes (PAMRER I).

South Sudan: African Development Bank-financed upgraded Juba power distribution system comes onstream

22-Nov-2019 - The government of South Sudan on Thursday commissioned a $38 million upgraded power distribution system financed by the African Development Bank to restore reliable electricity supply to Juba’s central business district and boost suburban livelihoods. The Juba Power Distribution System Rehabilitation and Expansion Project is the first in a series of major energy sector interventions by the Bank to improve livelihoods and build resilience in South Sudan. As its counterpart contribution, the government provided land for the construction of five...

Congo : la Banque africaine de développement prête 73 millions d’euros pour mettre en place des chaînes de valeurs agricoles

22-Nov-2019 - Le Conseil d’administration de la Banque africaine de développement a approuvé, ce mercredi à Abidjan, un prêt de 73,2 millions d’euros au profit de la République du Congo pour mettre en place des chaînes de valeurs agricoles au bénéfice de plus de 350.000 personnes.

Sommet mondial du genre 2019 à Kigali : la Banque africaine de développement et le Rwanda veulent accélérer la promotion de l’égalité des sexes

20-Nov-2019 - Pour la première fois, l’Afrique accueille, du 25 au 27 novembre à Kigali, le Sommet mondial sur le genre, un événement qui vise à partager les meilleures pratiques et stimuler l’innovation afin d’accélérer les progrès en matière d’égalité des sexes.

Cameroun : la Banque africaine de développement accorde près de 18millions d’euros pour les 365 km de la Ring Road

19-Nov-2019 - Le ministre de l’Economie, de la planification et de l’aménagement du territoire, Alamine Ousmane Mey et le directeur général de la Banque africaine de développement pour la région Afrique centrale, Ousmane Doré, ont signé l’accord de prêt de la première tranche du « Projet d’appui au secteur des transports phase 3 : construction de la Ring Road », pour un montant de 17,96 millions d’euros, soit environ 12 milliards de francs CFA. C’était le 28 octobre 2019 à Yaoundé, en présence de responsables officiels camerounais et du responsable pays de...