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ADF Supports Rural Electrification in Senegal

13-Oct-2004 - This new intervention of the ADF, which has approved today a loan of 9.58 million units of account (US$ 14 million), will support a rural electrification project in the Senegalese region of Louga. The project will help improve the living conditions of rural populations through improved access to electricity and enhanced management capacity of sub-sector institutions, while promoting productive sectors (trade, cottage industries, stockbreeding, etc.).

Niger Reaches Completion Point in HIPC Initiative: Obtains major debt relief from the AfDB

13-Oct-2004 - The Bank Group will, as a result, provide irrevocable debt relief of US$ 50.01 million in net present value (NPV) terms to the country. Niger will be released from up to 80 percent of annual debt service obligations to the Bank Group until the entire amount is delivered in July 2024.

ADF Supports Growth, Poverty Reduction and Good Governance in Cape Verde

06-Oct-2004 - The African Development Fund (ADF) has decided to support the process with a loan of 2.50 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to 3.67 million US dollars, approved by its Board of Directors in Tunis on Wednesday. The programme comprises four components: Consolidation of public finances; Strengthening of governance; Intensification of poverty reduction actions; and Elimination of structural constraints on growth and private sector development.

Rwanda Improves Food Security : An ADF project will help create 20,000 jobs

06-Oct-2004 - While improving the incomes of actors in the fisheries sub-sector in a sustainable manner, the project will contribute to strengthening food security in Rwanda, through a grant amounting to 1 million Units of Account (US$ 1.47 million or RWF 842 million) and a loan amounting to UA 13.76 million (US$ 20.21 million or RWF 11.6 billion).

ADF Supports Good Governance in Malawi

06-Oct-2004 - The Board of Directors of the ADF on Wednesday in Tunis approved a loan of 12 million Units of Account (UA), equivalent to 17.63 million US dollars in support of Malawi’s efforts to implement the policy reforms program aimed at promoting good governance in the country’s public sector.

ADF Supports the Nile Basin Initiative to strengthen the Water Sector in Member Countries

06-Oct-2004 - To support this Initiative, the African Development Fund (ADF) on 6 October 2004 inTunis, approved a grant amounting to 2.10 million Units of Account (UA), equivalent to 3.108 million US dollars which will be used to finance the Water Resources Planning and Management Project. The project will enable the NBI, in addition to the formulation of water policy, to undertake the following activities: - Water Resources Planning and Management; - Preparation of a computer based Decision Support System (DSS); - Regional coordination and Facilitation.

Le FAD soutient le développement de la pêche continentale au Mali

06-Oct-2004 - Le Projet d’appui au développement de la pêche continentale (Padepeche), adopté mercredi par le Fonds africain de développement, est une réponse à l’absence d’infrastructures de base, de centres de traitement et conditionnement, ainsi que la faible capacité des populations bénéficiaires et des services d’encadrement. Un prêt de 15 millions d’unités de compte (UC), équivalant à 22 millions de dollars EU (11,6 milliards FCFA), financera le projet.

AfDB encourages integration of Renewable Energy Development in its projects in Africa

30-Sep-2004 - Tunis, 30 September 2004 – The African Development Bank (ADB) will organize a Wind Energy Workshop on 28 and 29 October in Tunis to encourage the development of marketable Wind Energy potentials on the continent, in the framework of its support to Private Sector and Sustainable Development in Africa.

The African Development Fund Supports Rural Agriculture and Environment Protection in Uganda

29-Sep-2004 - The Board of Directors of the ADF on Wednesday approved a loan of 31.57 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to 46.12 million US dollars and a grant of 9.85 million UA, equivalent to 14.38 million US dollars to finance the Farm Income Enhancement and Forest Conservation Project in the country. The project aims to reduce poverty by improving incomes, rural livelihoods and food security, through sustainable natural resources management and agricultural enterprise. The project comprises three components:

ADF Supports Education in Cape Verde

29-Sep-2004 - The Board of Directors of the ADF on Wednesday in Tunis, approved a grant of 1 million Units of Account (UA), equivalent to 1.46 million US dollars to finance the Education institutional support project in the country. The project is intended to improve the quality of integrated basic education through the training and strengthening of human resources involved in the educational process. It will improve the management of schools and supervision of teaching as well as the qualification of basic education teachers with a view to enhancing human...

ADF Supports the Fight Against HIV/AIDS Among Refugees in West Africa

29-Sep-2004 - To help alleviate the plight of the refugees, the African Development Fund (ADF) has approved a multinational project in support of a Sub regional HIV/AIDS Programme for the Refugees, Internally Displaced People and their Host Communities in the Mano River Basin Countries and Côte D’Ivoire. A grant of US$ 3.4 million will contribute to this program. The overall goal of the project is to support the Mano River Basin Countries and Côte d’Ivoire to meet Objective 6 of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which seeks to stop and begin to...

Benin Reinforces Road Network

29-Sep-2004 - The Board of Directors of the ADF on Wednesday in Tunis approved a loan of 7.80 million Units of Account (UA), equivalent to 11.39 million US dollars to help finance intra-city roads and ancillary projects in Benin. The Project aims at improving the Pobe-Ketou-Illara road and living conditions of the population of the area. It is intended to improve the level of service of transport infrastructure with a view to strengthening regional economic integration and contribute to growth in national and international trade. The projects includes: