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Promoting Private Investments in NEPAD Infrastructure Projects


The seminar will (i) provide information on potential private financed NEPAD infrastructure projects, (ii) promote understanding of the global trends and issues in attracting private investment in infrastructure, (iii) discuss private sector actions to promote and implement NEPAD infrastructure projects, (iv) discuss what steps African countries can take to champion public-private partnerships in infrastructure development and (v) discuss the role of MDBs in supporting NEPAD’s goal of increasing private investment in infrastructure.

The seminar will target government officials, private sector operators, media, officials from development partners, special invited experts and entrepreneurs as well as participants in the AfDB/ADF Annual Meetings.  The seminar will feature presentations by international experts, potential investors, the AfDB and experts from other MDBs on various topics, including the NEPAD Infrastructure Short Term Action Plan (STAP); the appropriate legal and regulatory framework for private infrastructure projects; how to make NEPAD infrastructure projects attractive to private investors; the role of the MDBs in fostering private investments in NEPAD infrastructure projects. The presentations will also share good practices for promoting private sector infrastructure investment.

The AfDB has been assigned a leadership role in the provision of intellectual and technical support to the NEPAD Steering Committee in infrastructure development. In response to this, the Bank has already undertaken a number of activities, including the preparation of a program for the rapid development of infrastructure projects that is necessary to accelerate sub-regional and continental economic integration. The resulting NEPAD infrastructure Short Term Action Plan (STAP) forms the basis on which the Canada Fund for Africa (CFA) is supporting the creation of the NEPAD Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (NEPAD-IPPF) at the Bank. In its operations, the Bank has also financed a number of NEPAD infrastructure projects, both public and private. The seminar is a continuation of the Bank’s efforts to enhance financing of NEPAD infrastructure projects, especially from private investors. The NEPAD framework places a special emphasis on the private sector as an important partner.

The seminar will, therefore, result in enhanced understanding on the role of private sector in the implementation of NEPAD infrastructure project. It will also make proposals on how to strengthen partnership with the private sector in the area of infrastructure investments, and the roles that each of the partners (governments, private sector, and development partners) have to play in making NEPAD a success.

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