Regional Integration: ADF Seeks to Connect Dar Es Salaam to Kigali by Rail

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The study on the Isaka (Tanzania) - Kigali (Rwanda) railway, for which the ADF today approved funding in the tune of 1.66 million Units of Account (US$ 2.4 million, equivalent to RWF 1.4 billion or TZS 2.6 billion), will contribute to the creation of a transport community program which is efficient and economical and which promotes regional economic integration.

The study aims at determining the optimum solution for the operation of a railway line between Isaka and Kigali on the "Central Transport Corridor" with a view to opening up Rwanda.

The Railway will open up and ensure the development of a vast area of influence covering not only Rwanda and the regions of Shinyanga and Kagera in Tanzania but also Burundi and the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This zone, which is mainly rural, is a reservoir rich in different minerals. However, in spite of the interest shown by multinational companies (Australian, American, African) in the minerals, they are yet to commit themselves to investing in the zone given its landlocked location from distant maritime ports, but also lacks appropriate transport infrastructure.

The Dar Es Salaam-Kigali portion which is 1,400 km (rail-road) long and which is unusable during the rainy season, would require at least an 8-hour journey during the dry season. In addition, the combined journey by rail (Dar Es Salaam-Isaka) and by road (Isaka-Kigali) involves an average transport cost estimated at US$ 112 per tonne of transported goods whereas the average transport cost on the Dar Es Salaam- Isaka-Kigali leg (entirely by road) is US$ 145 per tonne.

Since 1967, the African Development Bank has financed some 460 operations in the transport sector amounting to US$ 3.8 billion.

Project Brief

- Estimated start-up date & duration: August 2005, 13 months

- Executing Agency: Ministère des Infrastructures Boulevard de l'Umuganda, B.P. 24 Kigali, Rwanda

- Procurement of Goods and Works: Shortlist-based Competitive Bidding


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