Review of the Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) of the AfDB

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The review of the Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) has commenced. Prof. Michelo Hansungule, an independent consultant from the Centre of Human Rights of the Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria, South Africa, has been recruited to undertake a study on the performance of the IRM over the past three years and to provide recommendations on how we could improve the effectiveness of the Bank’s IRM. He started the assignment by visiting the Bank in Tunis at the beginning of July 2009 to collect data and interview the Bank’s Executive Directors and Senior Management, the IRM Experts, and CRMU staff. He has also interviewed representatives of Civil Society Organizations who have had experience with the IRM. On 18 September, 2009 he presented a draft of his Review Paper to the Bank Group’s Boards of Directors in an Informal Meeting. Based on the inputs and ideas from different stakeholders he has prepared a Draft Review Report which has been posted on the Bank’s website for public consultation.

The Bank hereby invites you to provide your opinion, suggestions and recommendations on the current Draft Review Report. We appreciate if you would send us your comments by no later than 25th of October 2009 in order for the consultant to consider your contributions when finalizing his Review Report, which will be presented to the Bank Group’s Boards of Directors in the beginning of December, 2009.

I count on your full engagement in the IRM Review’s public consultation phase which I strongly believe will add value to the Review process. You are welcome to send your comments and suggestions to our email address:

Yours sincerely
Per Eldar Sovik
Director CRMU

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