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Road Improvement and Transport Facilitation between Mali and Senegal


ADF Board Approves US$83 million and US$11.251 million in loan and grant


Tunis, 21 December, 2005 – The Board of the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessionary lending arm of the African Development Bank Group, today approved a loan of UA 58.16 million (approximately US$ 83 million) and a grant of UA 7.9 million (US$ 11.251 million) for road improvement and transport facilitation on the Bamako-Dakar corridor.

The objective of the programme is to contribute to strengthening economic integration and sub-regional cooperation in West Africa and open up the hinterland countries of the sub-region.  It will establish a permanent highway link through the south between Mali and Senegal and remove constraints on movement so as to reduce overall transport costs and foster economic exchanges between the two countries.

Project outputs include: road improvements on 162 kilometers between Kati and Kita and 259 kilometers between Kita and Faleme in Mali; 2 bridges of a total length of 328 meters in Mali; a 250-meter long bridge on the Faleme at the border between the two countries; road improvements on 51 kilometers between Faleme and Saraya in Senegal; 61 kilometers between Saraya and Kedougou; and 235 kilometers between Tambacounda and Birkilane. Some 100 kilometers of rural roads connected to the major highway will be built in the two countries.  A juxtaposed control post at the border of both countries will also be built and equipped. 

The ADF loan will finance works and control of construction works, an environmental impact mitigation program, and a sensitization scheme on road safety, HIV/AIDS and malaria, and environmental protection.  The grant will be used to finance the transport facilitation and programme management aspects of the project.

The executing agencies of the project include the Regional Development and Infrastructure Department of the West African Monetary and Economic Union (WAEMU) as well as the national highways departments of both countries.

Improvement on the Mali-Senegal southbound corridor will bring socio-economic benefits not only to the two countries but also to the neighboring states of Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania and Burkina Faso.


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