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Rwanda: ADF Road Project will help Open up Rural Areas


The Board of Directors of the ADF approved in Tunis on Monday, a loan of 15.20 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to 23.35 million US dollars to finance the Gitarama-Ngororero-Mukamira road project.

The project seeks to open up the rural areas, promote economic growth and sub-regional integration by improving the level of service of the transport infrastructure. It will thus improve the living conditions of the rural communities of the Gitarama and GisenyiProvinces with the opening up of the agro-pastoral and industrial areas. The project will also help build technical and institutional capacities of the Roads Department.

The project comprises the following three components:

A - Road Works

  • Rehabilitation of the paved Gitarama-Ngororero road section (46.6 km), with quality control and supervision by an engineering consulting firm;
  • Asphalting of the Ngororero-Kabaya earth road section (30 km) and rehabilitation of the paved Kabaya-Mukamira road section (26 km), with quality control and supervision by a consulting firm;
  • Improvement of 76 km of rural feeder road linking the Gitarama-Ngororero-Mukamira with quality control and supervision by a consulting firm;
  • Awareness seminar for communities on environmental protection, road safety and control of waterborne diseases (malaria and diarrhoea) and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.

B - Institutional Support to Roads Department

  • Technical assistance for the setting up of a road management system network and training of the staff of the Roads Department (RD) on its use;
  • Equipment for the road database (RDB), and in-situ laboratory testing equipment;
  • Advance training in data processing and languages for the RD staff.

C- Project Management.

  • Project monitoring and coordination;
  • Auditing of project accounts.

The estimated cost of the project is 37.4 million UA, equivalent to 57.44 million US dollars (about 31 billion Rwandan francs). The ADF loan will finance 40.60% of the project. The remaining 59.40% will be provided by the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (18.3%), the OPEC (18.3%), the Saudi Fund (12.65%) and the Government of Rwanda (10.0%).

The Bank Group’s operations in Rwanda started in 1974. To date, the Group has committed approximately US$ 653.35 million in 65 operations in the country.

*1 UA = 1.53590 USD = 842.470 RWF as at 01/12/2004


- Name of Project: Gitarama-Ngororero-Mukamira Road Project Location: Gitarama and GisenyiProvinces

- Borrower: Republic of Rwanda

- Executing Agency: Ministry of Infrastructure Boulevard de l’Umuganda B.P. 24 Kigali, Rwanda

- Start-up Date & Duration: March 2006, 34 months

- Procurement of works and goods: Procurement of works financed by the ADF will be by: (i) international competitive bidding, for the Gitarama-Ngororero road section; and (ii) national competitive bidding for the rural feeder roads. Procurement of goods (equipment for road management and in-situ and laboratory testing) will be based on international shopping.


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