Rwanda: Bugesera Agricultural Development Support Project

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Tunis, 24 July 2006 – The African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, will support the Rwandan government’s efforts to revive agricultural production in the drought-affected Bugesera Region with a grant of 10 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to US$ 14.79 million, approved by the Board of Directors of the Fund in Tunis on Monday.

The Bugesera Agricultural Development Support Project (PADAB) aims at increasing agricultural production in the Bugesera Region by setting up irrigation infrastructure in a 650- hectare valley. It also seeks to protect water catchment basins and improve rain-fed farming on nearly 5 000 hectares of hills, as well as build the capacity of farmers and supervisory institutions. Overall, the project aims at strengthening food security in Rwanda.

The project involves irrigation and development of the catchment basin, agricultural development and project management.

The first component is expected to:

-  Reduce the impact of drought in the Bugesera Region by irrigating the Mwesa Valley (650 hectares net area) in which rice and market-garden crops would be cultivated during two seasons yearly;

-  Conserve water and soil (WSP) through erosion control over nearly 5,000 hectares of catchment basins.

The second component will increase food production by:

-  Building the capacity of the beneficiaries;

-  Extending new technology;

-  Distributing improved seeds and plants, and intensifying rain-fed crops and agro-forestry;

-  Conducting rural extension schemes;

-  Establishing marketing infrastructure;

-  Intensifying rain-fed farming and agro-forestry around the Mwesa Valley.

The project will have a direct impact on an estimated 60,750 inhabitants (about 13,500 households) of the region. The main beneficiaries will be women and young heads of households, as well as landless farmers. Other structures will also benefit from project facilities, including decentralized administrative entities, service providers and other development actors.

The project is estimated to cost FRW 10 342 million (about UA 13 million). The ADF grant will finance

77%. The Rwandan government and the beneficiaries will provide the remaining 23 % (UA 3 million).

The ADB Group began operations in Rwanda in 1974. To date, its commitments in the country stand at US$ 586 million (RWF 324 billion) in 71 operations.

  Project Brief

-  Name of Project: Bugesera Agricultural Development Support Project

-  Executing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Resources BP 621 Kigali – Rwanda Tel.: +250 58 46 44; Fax +250 58 46 44

-  Start up date: January 2007

-  Duration: -  6 years

Procurement: Works, goods and services will be procured in accordance with the relevant rules of procedure of the AfDB.

A. International competitive bidding: irrigation development works.

B. Local competitive bidding: building construction works, rural markets, a rice hulling mill and drying floors. Procurement of office equipment, computer hardware and automotive equipment.

C- National shopping: supplies necessary for project operations.

D- Short list: procurement of the services of NGOs for the training and sensitization of beneficiaries, rural outreach, consulting firms for engineering studies and works supervision, technical assistance, special studies and auditing firms.

* 1 UA = USD 1.47937 as at 24/07/2006


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