São Tomé & Príncipe Gets USD 7.8 million for Infrastructure Rehabilitation

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The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a USD 7.8-million grant (5 million Units of Account) to Sao Tome and Principe to finance the country’s Infrastructure Rehabilitation and food security enhancement project.

The project will be implemented over a four-year period in the Sao Tome and Principe islands.

The rural sector plays has an important place in Sao Tome and Principe. Despite the development of food crops and proven productive potential, the country remains dependent on food imports, especially rice. The Bank’s assessment of the various constraints has helped to highlight major problems such as the islands’ geographical isolation, irregular supply and inadequate conservation and processing, as well as poor product quality. In order to help solve these problems, the AfDB Group has been engaged in the country’s rural sector, through support to livestock development, among other areas.

In addition to the ongoing cooperation, which is contributing to food security in the country, the project will help improve food crop production and fisheries, which constitute the source of livelihood for many families. The Bank will also provide its expertise in rural infrastructure diversification, in line with its new agriculture and agro-industry strategy.

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