SNFO Resident Representative Receives Cape Verde’s Economy Minister

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The Bank Group’s Resident Representative in Senegal, Mohamed H’Midouche, on Thursday in Dakar received the Cape Verdean Minister of the Economy, Jose Brito, and the delegation he was leading.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. H’Midouche, thanked Cape Verdean authorities for their collaboration and their participation in the just-ended AfDB Annual Meetings in Shanghai. The presence of President Pedro Pires in Shanghai, he said, made it possible to put Cape Verde in the spotlight for its economic and political achievements. He provided the country’s economy minister with a brochure on the 30 years of ADB-Cape Verde cooperation, as well as the CD-ROM and documentary film made on the country in the run-up to the Annual Meetings. 

Discussions during the meeting in Dakar focused on cooperation between the country and the Bank Group, as well as on projects financed by the institution. The projects include studies on the country’s insularity, the construction of the country’s power plant, the building of a cement factory and requests for technical assistance the country had submitted to the Bank Group.

Regarding the study on the country’s insularity, Mr. H’Midouche informed the Cape Verdean delegation that the study report was under review at the Bank, adding that it would be sent to the government in July after approval by the Bank Group.

With regard to the construction of the country’s power plant, the economy minister said he had met with representatives of the Dutch government who were on mission in the country, and provided them with background information on the signing of a contract with Caterpillar for the purchase of a generator.

The Minister said that expected financing of UA 6 million* from the African Development Fund (ADF) would be used to expand the electricity transportation network. He called for a fast processing of the file, adding that the network would be useful in the distribution of energy that would be produced by the generators.

The minister said he was satisfied with the quality of cooperation between his country and the Bank Group. He expressed the wish to see the Bank help his country in implementing the project, adding that his country was still in need of major investments.

* UA1 = US$1.51019

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