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Trading thrives as new highway financed by the African Development Bank opens up northern Togo

16-Jan-2020 - Every Tuesday, Alemondji market in northern Togo swarms with people. Amid the throng, Burkinabe and Ghanaian traders offer clothes and kitchen utensils for sale. Others, calling out their wares, come from the nearby towns of Lawagnon, Moreta and Issati. Their stalls overflow with peanuts, millet, sorghum, sesame and beans.

Le corridor Lomé-Cotonou, financé par la Banque africaine de développement pour 109 millions de dollars, va bientôt changer la vie des transporteurs...

23-Dec-2019 - « A l’approche de la frontière entre le Togo et le Bénin, je croise les doigts pour passer le moins de temps possible. Je prie surtout pour que soit vite achevé le corridor afin de rendre la circulation plus fluide ». Accoudé à l’avant de sa remorque de 20 tonnes, Issa Diaby reste de longues heures à observer, au loin, les travaux de construction du corridor juxtaposé entre les deux pays voisins d’Afrique de l’Ouest.

African Development Bank’s digital skills training benefits women

13-Dec-2019 - After graduating from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria with a degree in Communication and Language Arts in 2016, Olashile Odetola could not find a job. But an online learning program piloted by the African Development Bank has given her two “gifts”: digital skills and a sense of confidence.

Sénégal : la transformation des produits locaux dynamise l’économie rurale, avec le soutien de la Banque africaine de développement

05-Dec-2019 - A Sanankoro, dans la région de Kolda (sud du Sénégal), l’apiculture est devenue une activité prospère. La COOPAN, coopérative des apiculteurs du Niampampou, qui a aménagé une miellerie de 65 m2 composée d’une salle de transformation et un bloc d’hygiène, tire profit du fort potentiel de la région.

Sénégal : la désalinisation des terres donne un nouveau souffle à la production agricole avec le soutien de la Banque africaine de développement

05-Dec-2019 - Dans la vallée de Boukitingho, en Basse-Casamance, les jeunes et les femmes s’activent dans les champs rizicoles. Tokyo, l’un d’eux, est tout heureux. « Grâce à la digue construite par le P2RS, nous pouvons labourer toutes les parcelles alors qu’avant, on ne pouvait labourer qu’une ou deux parcelles à cause de la rareté de l’eau », explique-t-il.

In Togo, youth and SMEs receive the African Development Bank’s full support

29-Oct-2019 - In a large building located in the Vakpossito district, south of the Togolese capital Lomé, the main equipment in the Agrokom soya processing plant is fully operational. In a few days, this group of young people will deliver 200 tonnes of organic soya meal to an international client. “In 2011, we only produced 50 tonnes of meal for the local market. However, since 2016, our production has quadrupled, and we are now supplying the international market,” Daniel Komlan says proudly. Mr. Komlan is the managing...

Togo: African Development Bank provides $29 million for tax and customs modernization

28-Oct-2019 - Tuesday 1 October 2019. The Togolese Revenue Authority (OTR), the professional development institute, is officially opening its doors. There are 60 students in its first cohort, of whom half will specialize in customs and the other half in taxation. Supported by two projects benefiting from $28.9 million in funding from the African Development Bank, Togo is mobilizing significant resources to transform its tax and customs administration.

Zaria Springs to Life as African Development Bank Project provides 20,000 Households with Potable Water

23-Oct-2019 - “When the water was first released, we filled up our water containers, large and small, for the days ahead when the taps would go dry again. Surprisingly, the next day the taps were still flowing; they haven’t stopped since then.’ - Hauwa Sani, Housewife, Zaria City

Cameroon: three power plants financed by the African Development Bank to reduce power cuts

14-Oct-2019 - For many years, Cameroon’s national electricity supply has been notoriously unreliable and subject to power cuts. The last significant electric system outage, which lasted eight hours, occurred last March and affected several of the country’s regions (the Far North, North, Littoral, Adamaoua, South and Centre regions). However, three projects financed by the African Development Bank for $121.4 million in 2010-2011 are at last starting to provide long-suffering Cameroonians with much more reliable electricity.

Helping Ghana feed itself – pilot project bodes well for the region

27-Sep-2019 - Ghanaian Farmer Chief Tahiru Ibrahim Tahiru Ibrahim says he made his fortune off shea nut trees on his savannah land in Ghana’s northern region. So, Ibrahim was a bit skeptical last year, when he first heard about the African Development Bank’s Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation in the Savannahs initiative, or TAAT-S. The programme aims to convert some of the land into more commercially viable, no-till agricultural land for farming soybean, maize and rice.

Yaoundé aims for zero floods by 2020, thanks to funding from the African Development Bank

20-Sep-2019 - The Yaoundé Sanitation Project (PADY) has reduced the number of floods in the Cameroonian capital by five times (from 15 to 3). The project was launched in 2007 and financed by the African Development Bank, with the second phase starting in 2013. The goal was to eliminate floods by 2020.

Rwandan women making a difference at water treatment plant

19-Sep-2019 - About 30 minutes’ drive outside Kigali, the tidy capital of Rwanda, past lush forests, marshland and makeshift roadside stores advertising their offerings on hand-painted signs, a group of women are quietly making history. On a construction site next to the Nyabarongo River, the women are hard at work on a water treatment plant that will change the destiny of the country, as well as their own. Florence Ntibazakwirwa spends several hours a day bending steel to precise angles, after which the metal is used to...

Eswatini’s ‘flag lady’ on the road to prosperity

11-Sep-2019 - Senteni Mahlalela is a 27-year-old woman who lives in Ezulwini, in the northwest of Eswatini, the historical center of the kingdom. Since 2017, she has worked along the Main Road 3 (MR3), a major highway that links some of the country’s most important cities, such as Matsapha, Mbabane, Manzini and Ngwenya. The MR3 is one of the busiest roads in the nation, crossing from the east to the west of the country. It is also a major part of the road network in southern Africa.

Pretoria, South Africa: Bank raises awareness of rules on integrity and anti-corruption in two-day session

09-Sep-2019 - The African Development Bank’s Office of Integrity and Anti-corruption (PIAC) held a two-day session on 12-13 August 2019 with staff, consultants and contractors to raise awareness on the Bank’s rules and regulations regarding integrity and anti-corruption. The first day brought together staff and consultants based in the Southern Africa regional office in Pretoria and country offices, while the second day was designed for consultants and contractors working with the Bank.

“Prospects for Africa” great as new spaces open up for Tunisia’s youth in industry

06-Sep-2019 - Smartly dressed Maroua Khemiri is ready to start a busy day. The young engineer has secured a contract with Eleonetech in Tunisia, an electro-mechanical firm that specialises in producing cables and electronic assembly. Having risen through the ranks to become the first female project manager at the electro-mechanical firm, Khemiri’s achievement as a female engineer in this part of North Africa is rare, especially in the industrial sector.

Malawi: African Development Bank propels competitiveness of small businesses and cooperatives

03-Sep-2019 - Mega Signs and Media Ltd is today the first and unique printing company able to manufacture professional, directional and product signs and all-size billboards across Malawi. Based in Blantyre and Lilongwe, this local enterprise has expanded remarkably thanks to a “matching grant” of MWK40,000,000 (about $42,400) from the Competitiveness and Job Creation Support Project, supported by the African Development Bank.

African Development Bank supports government efforts on education for all in Malawi

27-Aug-2019 - Mangochi, Malawi, 27 August 2019: Agness Phiri is the deputy head teacher of St. Monica girls’ secondary school, located in Mangochi, a township near the southern end of Lake Malawi. The school hosts 318 girls.

Gabon: The African Development Bank’s funding improves conditions for those living by the country's main trunk road

23-Aug-2019 - Hermann Nzondo drives a taxi. He grimaces when he mentions the former National Highway 1: "Back then, the 119-km journey from Lambaréné to Mouila was not easy. You could only do it in a 4x4. But since they surfaced the road, a taxi can do the return journey in two hours instead of five”.

“African Development Bank $13 billion investment in Southern Africa is delivering strong results…Africa must not be under-ambitious!” Adesina tells...

19-Aug-2019 - The African Development Bank’s $13 billion investment in Southern African region since 2012 is delivering strong results across countries, the Bank’s President, Akinwumi Adesina said, addressing over 1000 delegates at the opening ceremony of the 39th Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Summit. The theme for this year's Summit is, "A Conducive Environment for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development, Increased Intra-trade and Job Creation."

Rwanda’s women in tech: Leading the digital revolution

16-Aug-2019 - When she was a little girl, Jeanne Yamfashije wanted to be a doctor. Her goal was to make her parents proud and serve her people. The 29-year-old IT specialist did not become a doctor but she has certainly fulfilled her other wishes. For the past five years, Yamfashije has been working with a project that promotes science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) among girls in Rwanda. The group, called Girls in ICT Rwanda, offers mentorships, boot camps and a competition to encourage innovation among students....