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27/12/2018 - Un an après l’inauguration de son nouvel aéroport, le 7 décembre 2017, Dakar enregistre une progression de 6 % de son trafic aérien et déjà un million de passagers.

Categories: Senegal, Infrastructure

21/12/2018 - Dans sa stratégie globale de promotion de la croissance économique, le gouvernement de Cabo Verde a placé parmi ses priorités, le développement des infrastructures de transport du pays, en particulier ses infrastructures aéroportuaires ; une des cinq priorités érigées par la Banque africaine de développement (BAD) pour favoriser l’accroissement de la productivité et de l'activité économique du continent africain.

Categories: Cabo Verde

18/12/2018 - Thanks to the combined actions of the African Development Bank, the Climate Investment Funds – for which the Bank is one of the implementing agencies – and other development partners, Mozambique, the third-ranked African country for exposure to climate hazards, has decisively embarked on the path towards a climate-change resilient future.

Categories: Mozambique, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Climate Change

10/12/2018 - Between 1980 and 2000, Kenya lost nearly 50% of its forest cover. Some 300,000 hectares of forest were destroyed due to intensive logging, charcoal production and large-scale clearance of wooded areas for tea plantations.

Symbolic of this destruction is the Mau Forest, at 273,000 hectares the largest forested area in Kenya with a seven-lake drainage basin covering more than 69,000 km2, from which one quarter of its canopy had disappeared, threatening the survival not only of millions of wildebeest and thousands of gazelles and buffaloes migrating through Kenya and Tanzania, but also of riparian communities.

Categories: Kenya, Environment

28/11/2018 - Thanks to joint efforts by development partners including the African Development Bank, which invested US$45.7 million between 2003 and 2014 in water supply and sanitation projects, Mauritania is working to provide access to drinking water for its 4.3-million population, which regularly suffers severe shortages.

Categories: Mauritania, Water Supply & Sanitation

19/11/2018 - Located 350 kilometres north of Lomé, Sokodé, the second-largest city in Togo, was the epicentre of three cholera outbreaks in 2013. That same year, the African Development Bank made a €1.15 million grant to the city through the African Water Facility, to fund the "Toilets for All in Sokodé" project. There have been no outbreaks of cholera in Sokodé since then.

Categories: Togo, Water Supply & Sanitation

30/10/2018 - Tanzania’s alternative learning and skills development centers were constructed with African Development Fund (ADF) loan and grant totaling US$32.7 million. Designed to fill the gaps in non-formal education in Zanzibar, specifically on the islands of Unguja and Pemba, the project also financed equipment purchase and development of teachers’ manuals.

Categories: Tanzania, Education, Youth, ADF

25/10/2018 - The African Development Fund, the concessional arm of the African Development Bank, extended loans of US$107 million to the Republic of Kenya and US$88 million to the United Republic of Tanzania to build a modern and more efficient “One Stop Border Post”. The financing also covered the construction of a 240-km road from Arusha through Namanga to Athi River, near Nairobi.

Categories: Kenya, Tanzania, Transport, Regional Integration, ADF

25/10/2018 - Through the African Development Fund’s recent envelope of financial instruments, Malawi has received US$14 million for scholarships and infrastructure for its Higher Education, Science and Technology (HEST) program. The assistance will boost job creation and employment in the southern African nation. It also aligns with Malawi’s development goals.

Categories: Malawi, Education, ADF

10/10/2018 - Kenya has taken less than a decade to make giant strides in its energy sector. Key to this are two iconic renewable energy projects that have benefited from the decisive support of the African Development Bank: Turkana Wind Farm and Menengai Geothermal Power Station.

Categories: Kenya, Energy & Power

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