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Zambia on track to energy surplus following major boost in electricity production

05-Feb-2019 - Zambia’s constant power cuts are now a thing of the past. Thanks to a robust hydraulic and solar power generation industry in recent years, the country is now self-sufficient in energy.  And, there is even better news for citizens of the South African nation- electricity production could soon be in surplus. Zambia generates practically all its energy production from its own primary resources: biomass, coal and hydroelectricity, with flagship plants such as the power station near the Itezhi-Tezhi Dam, in the...

Financé à 70 %, par la Banque africaine de développement, le nouveau corridor routier CU9 reconnecte Ouagadougou au port de Lomé

28-Jan-2019 - Le projet en chiffres 238 millions $ : le soutien financier de la Banque africaine de développement au projet. Soit plus 70 % du coût du projet. 303 km de route réhabilités : 150 km au Togo et 153 km au Burkina Faso 2,42 jours : temps de parcours sur le trajet Lomé-Ouaga. Il était de 6 jours, il y a 6 ans  

Madagascar: African Development Bank helps transform agricultural production methods

25-Jan-2019 - It's market day in Tsianisiha, a rural town in the district of Toliara in south-west Madagascar. In the central square, the stalls are overflowing with the thousands of products that attract an ever-greater throng of shoppers every Monday. And for good reason: in just five years, Tsianisiha has been completely transformed, much to the benefit of its inhabitants.

Nigeria: Fertilizer Project Raises Yields by Over 50%, Showcases Successful PPP’s

21-Jan-2019 - In Nigeria, the world’s largest single-train urea plant has created over 50,000 jobs across the agriculture value-chain, while its affordable fertilizer is boosting farm yields and putting big smiles on farmers’ faces. Co-funded by the African Development Bank, the Indorama Eleme Fertilizer project is a success story of public-private partnership (PPP). For years, Shuaibu Yusuf, a Kaduna-based farmer, struggled with low harvests from his grain and vegetable farm. 

Mozambique: transformation of small-scale farm industry results in promising rice crop production

18-Jan-2019 - Locally grown rice and vegetables are flourishing in Mozambique’s Massangena district, a testament to the success of an agriculture and rural development project that has brought massive dividends to inhabitants of the traditional farming region, once seen as semi-arid.

Sénégal : Aéroport international Blaise Diagne, décollage vers le futur

27-Dec-2018 - Un an après l’inauguration de son nouvel aéroport, le 7 décembre 2017, Dakar enregistre une progression de 6 % de son trafic aérien et déjà un million de passagers.

Mozambique: tackling flooding through climate-resilient agriculture

18-Dec-2018 - Thanks to the combined actions of the African Development Bank, the Climate Investment Funds – for which the Bank is one of the implementing agencies – and other development partners, Mozambique, the third-ranked African country for exposure to climate hazards, has decisively embarked on the path towards a climate-change resilient future.

African Development Bank stresses public investment, African economic development, at Think20 Inception Conference, Tokyo, Japan

12-Dec-2018 - Strengthening public investment management and increasing domestic revenue in Africa were major topics on the agenda of the Think20 (T20) Inception Conference attended by a senior leadership team of the African Development Bank Group.

Kenya forests: over 14,000 hectares reforested under 10 years, thanks to African Development Bank

10-Dec-2018 - Key figures US$38.8 million contribution from African Development Bank 14,300 hectares rewooded between 2007 and 2016 3,000 sustainable jobs created in communities bordering forests 17,100 households (40% headed by women) have seen their incomes increase.

Togo: Using toilets to fight cholera

19-Nov-2018 - Located 350 kilometres north of Lomé, Sokodé, the second-largest city in Togo, was the epicentre of three cholera outbreaks in 2013. That same year, the African Development Bank made a €1.15 million grant to the city through the African Water Facility, to fund the "Toilets for All in Sokodé" project.

Tanzania: Alternative Learning and Skills Development Project

30-Oct-2018 - Tanzania’s alternative learning and skills development centers were constructed with African Development Fund (ADF) loan and grant totaling US$32.7 million. Designed to fill the gaps in non-formal education in Zanzibar, specifically on the islands of Unguja and Pemba, the project also financed equipment purchase and development of teachers’ manuals.

Consistent Support for Higher Education, Science and Technology in Malawi

25-Oct-2018 - Key facts The Strengthening of Primary and Secondary Education Project (Education II, US$21.8 million) was approved by the African Development Bank for Malawi in 1986. This was followed by the Strengthening Access to Primary Education Project (Education III, US$16.7 million). The Support to Community Day Secondary Education Project (Education IV, US$20.9 million) was approved in 2001.

East Africa’s One Stop Border Post Project

25-Oct-2018 - Key facts African Development Fund loans of US$107 million to Kenya and US$88 million to Tanzania. Support to Kenya and Tanzania development priorities and regional integration within the East African Community. Construction of 240-km road from Arusha through Namanga to Athi River, near Nairobi. Boost to commercial and tourism activities in the region, improved traffic between Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan.

Kenya goes all out for renewable energy

10-Oct-2018 - Kenya has taken less than a decade to make giant strides in its energy sector. Key to this are two iconic renewable energy projects that have benefited from the decisive support of the African Development Bank: Turkana Wind Farm and Menengai Geothermal Power Station.

Namibia: Walvis Bay Port expansion well under way

05-Oct-2018 - Sea sounds and splashing waves greet a docking ship at Walvis Bay, where cranes are ready to offload and place heavy containers from the vessel. Welcome to the Port of Walvis Bay, Namibia’s only deep-water port able to handle large ships. Namibia's largest commercial port, it serves as the logistical backbone for several industries in the southern African country.

Mauritania: African Development Bank Boosts Private Sector

11-Sep-2018 - In April 2017, the African Development Bank  opened a five-year US$7 million credit line to the Banque Populaire de Mauritanie (BPM), following an earlier line in July 2008, which had been repaid in full. These loans form part of the Bank's measures to promote the private sector in Mauritania.  Thirty five small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) covering eight business sectors have benefited from these credit facilities, some of which have been remarkably successful. Below are three success stories of some of...

Nairobi-Addis Ababa road corridor boosts trade in East and Horn of Africa

18-Aug-2018 - The 895-km highway corridor linking Kenya and Ethiopia has not only eased cross-border traffic between the two countries, but is a major push for economic integration within Africa, resulting in jobs and improved livelihoods across the Horn region. 

Poverty on the decline in eastern Côte d’Ivoire

16-May-2018 - The African Development Bank is ramping up the pace of its work in the agriculture sector. Its new strategy to transform African agriculture, approved in May 2016, aims to eradicate extreme poverty, hunger and malnutrition in Africa and to transform the continent into a net exporter of food products.

African leaders commit to overcome malnutrition, elevate nutrition as driver for economic growth

29-Jan-2018 - «Il y a toutes les raisons de s'en occuper: la malnutrition est la principale cause de décès pour des millions d'enfants de moins de cinq ans. En effet, 3 millions d'enfants meurent chaque année en Afrique de malnutrition. Si les tendances actuelles se maintiennent jusqu'en 2030, l'Afrique aura perdu 36 millions d'enfants, qui n'ont pas assez à manger ou assez bien pour se nourrir.