Sudan Field Office Concludes Business Continuity Training

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Sudan Field Office - Training

The Sudan Field Office (SDFO) successfully completed a two-day workshop on Integration of Field Offices to the Bank’s Business Continuity program from July 19-20, 2010 in Khartoum, Sudan.

The training was designed to prepare field offices on how to minimize business disruptions, implement effective disaster recovery efforts, such as planning ahead particularly, for systems protection and restoration -- and effective handling of natural hazards -- for resumption of normal operations and business continuity as quickly as possible.

The training covered issues such as situational analyses, crises strategy implementation, ensuring security and safety of staff, survival techniques in cases of natural hazards or terrorist incidents, as well as effective planning for unforeseen contingencies.  

SDFO staff, for instance, participated in training sessions on the identification of critical business disrupting potential risks, how to avoid them and how to effectively manage those risks.  

They also learned how to identify critical institutional activities, resources, vital records, information, software and data, as well as other crucial activities needing disaster readiness strategies and plans.  

The training also involved effective action plans for rapid response and as well as implementation strategies that will ensure business continuity in chaotic situations.

As Sudan prepares a referendum scheduled for January 2011 to decide on whether Southern Sudan becomes an independent country or if it would remain part of a unified Sudan, there have been social and political tensions and unrest posing security risks of varied proportions.

In his remarks, the SDFO Resident Representative, Famara Jatta, said the training was very timely in preparing SDFO staff against potential or imminent threats to security in Sudan.

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