Tanzania: ADF Approves US$ 59 Million Loan to Finance Campaign to Reduce Maternal Mortality

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Tunis, 11 October 2006 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, approved on Wednesday in Tunis, a loan of 40 Million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to US$ 59.05 million, to finance a Maternal Mortality Reduction Support Project in Tanzania.

The ADF loan will be used to accelerate the implementation of activities geared toward the reduction of maternal and infant mortality in Mara, Mtwara, Tabora and Zanzibar with a view to improving the health and well-being of Tanzanians as a whole.

The project comprises the following components:

  • Strengthening the delivery of Maternal Health Services on the Mainland.

  • Strengthening of the delivery of Health Care Services in Zanzibar.

  • Management and Coordination of these activities on the mainland and in Zanzibar.

The project area includes the Mara, Tabora and Mtwara regions on the mainland and the Island of Zanzibar. The three regions consist of 17 districts with a population of about 3.1 million or 12% of the total population of the country. The major beneficiaries of the project will be mostly the poor communities. Training of tutors in Zanzibar will increase intake of students to enable the deployment of full-time, qualified staff. Staff  capacities and skills will also be enhanced through a continuing program of Primary Health Care (PHC) skills upgrading, targeting all health workers. Provision of staff-housing at health centers in the three regions and Primary Health Care (PHC) units in Zanzibar will help ensure that communities have access to a health provider at all times, especially during emergencies. The provision of housing will also facilitate deployment and retention of staff in remote areas. Participatory approaches to community engagement will improve knowledge of reproductive health risks.

The total cost of the project is estimated at UA 44.44 million (US$ 65.75 million).  The ADF loan will cover 90 % of the total cost. The Tanzania government will provide the remaining 10% or UA 4.44 million.

The ADB Group began operations in Tanzania in 1971. To date, the Bank’s commitments in Tanzania amount to US$ 1.265 million in 96 projects.

Project Brief

  • Name of Project: Support to Maternal Mortality Reduction

  • Location: Mara, Tabora, Mtwara and Zanzibar

  • Estimated start-up date and duration: January 2007; 5 years

  • Executing Agency: Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (Mainland), Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (Zanzibar) Tel: + 255 22 5120261 (Mainland) Fax: + 255 22 110986 (Mainland)- Tel: + 255 24-2230189/91(Zanzibar) Fax: +255 24-2235821 (Zanzibar).

  • Consultancy Services: Procurement of goods and services would be undertaken in accordance with the following Bank Group’s rules of procedure:

    • International Competitive Bidding (ICB): Biomedical Equipment for facilities (M), and Radio Communication Equipment.

    • National Competitive Bidding (NCB): Civil works for rehabilitation and extension of health facilities in the three regions on the mainland; rehabilitation and upgrading two training institutions in Tabora and Mtwara; extension of CHS in Zanzibar; upgrading of 2nd line dispensaries and construction of housing units in Zanzibar; etc..

* 1UA = 1.47637= 1964.85 TZS as at 11/10/2006

CONTACT: Felix Njoku – Tel.: +216 71 10 26 12 – E-mail: f.njoku@afdb.org

External Relations and Communication Unit – Tel.: +216 71 10 29 16 – Fax: +216 71 10 37 52 – E-mail: comuadb@afdb.org


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