The ADB, Morocco’s premier development partner

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The ADB, Morocco’s premier development partner

As at 30 June 2006, and after 39 years of cooperation with Morocco, the Bank Group had financed 83 operations, amounting to about 3.8 billion (42.5 billion Dirhams). In this portfolio, 74 operations have been completed, and 9 are ongoing. As at 30 June 2006, 83.4% of the 3.8 billion Euros of ADB’s net commitment in Morocco had been disbursed, making it a very good portfolio performance.

With 9 operations, ADB’s active portfolio (ongoing projects) in Morocco account for net commitments of nearly one billion Euros (11 billion Dirhams). The active portfolio is highly dominated by projects in the water and sanitation (38.2 %) and energy (29.4 %) sectors, followed by health (15%), transport (11%) and education (6.9%) sectors.

As regards bilateral cooperation resources and a technical assistance fund created in 2005 for middle income countries such as Morocco, the Bank finances studies and technical assistance activities through grants. Three studies and technical assistance operations are ongoing, namely the feasibility study on the project to transfer the Marrakech airport, the sedimentology study on the ports and coastlands of Morocco, and support for statistical capacity building under the International Comparison Programme for Africa.

In the course of 2006, three operations have been approved for Morocco by the Board of Directors of the ADB Group. The operations are the Second Phase of the Public Administration Reform Support Programme, the Marrakech-Agadir Motorway Project, and the Ninth Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Project. The loan and guarantee agreements for these three operations will be signed in Rabat on 15 December 2006, during the inauguration of the ADB Country Office in Morocco.

In 2006, the ADB Board of Directors also approved three grants amounting to 1.6 million Euros (17.9 million Dirhams) from the technical assistance resources for middle income countries for the following operations: technical assistance to the "Agence nationale de l’assurance maladie"(ANAM) for study and installation of an information system within ANAM, technical assistance to the "Caisse nationale des organismes de prévoyance sociale" (CNOPS) for study and installation of an information campaign and sensitization management system within CNOPS, and the study on the design of a new remuneration system for the public service. The agreement letters of these grants were signed by the ADB on 27 November 2006.

Under the Bank’s 2005 Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA 2005), Morocco was classified in the group of most efficient countries, with a CPIA rating of 4.28.

The Bank’s assistance strategy in Morocco for the 2007-2011 period will be based on three priority intervention areas: pursue support for structural reforms (macroeconomic, institutional and sectoral); support development and infrastructure upgrading activities, and contribute to improvement of access by the populations to basic social facilities, particularly in rural areas. To achieve these objectives, the ADB intends to provide Morocco with an annual allocation of about 310 million Euros (nearly 3 billion Dirhams per year) over the 2007-2011 period.

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