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The AfDB and Morocco sign an agreement for the use of national procurement procedures


The issues linked to the use of country systems in the domain of procurement procedures have occupied an important place in exchanges between Morocco and the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) in Marrakesh, Morocco. On the sidelines of the Annual Meetings proceedings, the two partners signed on May 31 an agreement protocol for the use of Moroccan procedures for procurement in the context of the implementation of projects financed by the AfDB.

This agreement is the realization of the commitments made by the AfDB in the context of the Paris Declaration and the Accra Agenda for Action towards a better efficiency in development assistance. It represents a first step in the integral use of the national system of public markets in particular, and public finances in general. The purpose of the agreement is the reduction of transaction costs, the rationalization and acceleration of the implementation of projects financed by the AfDB.

The Vice-President of the AfDB in charge of regional operations, Zondo Sakala, co-signed the agreement with the AfDB. He renewed the institution’s engagement for a growing use of national procedures where the positive impact over the implementation of projects has already been proven. To this effect, “Our country members should, like Morocco, get involved in qualitative reforms to develop public market and public finance management systems in compliance with the international standards,” he stated.

Morocco’s Minister of Economy and Finance, Nizar Baraka, welcomed the realization of this step which consecrates the procedure of modernizing the public markets system initiated by the Kingdom a few years ago. He saluted the prolific partnership between the AfDB and his country – a partnership translated in the financing of operations has a strong impact on the Moroccan population.

The signing of this first agreement protocol of its kind between the institution and Morocco is the result of the culmination of a strategic and technical dialogue between the Bank and a regional member country.


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