The AfDB is a solid institution with a global stature - Tunisian Prime Minister

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Speaking during the AfDB president’s inauguration, the Tunisian prime minister, Mohamed Ghannouchi, commended Mr. Kaberuka for his human and professional qualities which have resulted in the building of a consensus around him. He also hailed Mr. Kaberuka’s predecessors, the institution’s management and staff which have made it possible for the AfDB to become a key economic development player on the continent.

“I am confident about the Bank’s future. The support it provides to our economies makes it possible for us to lay the foundation for a successful and more balanced development which enables Africa to place itself at the level of other continents,” Mr. Ghannouchi said.

He called on African countries to speed up reforms to unlock their potentials and to further invest in human resources development with a view to having highly qualified human resources that are necessary for development. He also called on African countries to eliminate obstacles standing in the way of regional integration on the continent and Africa’s integration to the rest of the world.

Speaking during the event, Mr. Kaberuka reiterated his commitment to pursue reforms in order to consolidate achievements, build capacity and provide a strategic orientation.

“I am aware of the complexity of the task awaiting me, but I am confident of our ability to deliver results,” he said, adding that the strategic direction taken by the Bank remained valid.

The focus, he stressed, was on infrastructure, regional integration, support to fragile states, climate change and food security. We will keep the promises made during the 2010 Annual Meetings in Abidjan to carry out reforms called for by the institution’s shareholders and ADF plenipotentiaries.

Meanwhile, the board of governors’ chairperson and AfDB governor for Portugal, Fernando Teixeira Dos Santos, used the occasion to remind ADF plenipotentiaries of the importance of the fourth meeting on ADF-12 replenishment scheduled to take place from 7-8 September 2010, in Tunis.

“The ADF will help to provide a solid platform to support the continent’s development over the next years,” Mr. Dos Santos said. He urged ADF plenipotentiaries to consolidate the Fund’s resources to enable the AfDB to continue to accomplish its development mission in Africa.

The confidence in the AfDB was enhanced by the effective and prompt responses it provided to African countries during the various crises which hit the continent, especially the global financial crisis.

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