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The AfDB Marks 2005 World AIDS Day


"Let us join forces in this race against time to combat HIV and AIDS", says President Kaberuka

Tunis, 1 December 2005 – The President of the African Development Bank, Mr. Donald Kaberuka, has reiterated the Bank’s commitment to support the campaign to contain the spread of HIV/AIDS, warning that the "disease continues to pose an enormous challenge to the world and puts a terrible burden on individuals, families and communities".

Mr. Kaberuka made the statement as the Bank joined the international community in marking the 2005 World AIDS Day on the theme: "Stop AIDS. Keep the promise".

In the face of overwhelming data indicating that 25.8 million people live with the virus in Sub-Sahara Africa, the Bank joins the rest of the international community, other stakeholders and people living with HIV/AIDS in renewing its commitment to continue its support in the fight against HIV/AIDS, he said.

The World AIDS Day, he said, is a day for reflection on the impact of "our efforts in combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic and for recommitting our selves to put promises into actions and stop the spread of the disease."

However, Mr. Kaberuka noted that recent developments in some African countries, indicating modest decline in prevalence give a glimpse of hope that if HIV/AIDS prevention efforts are intensified and scaled up through a comprehensive response that expands access to treatment and care, the pandemic can be arrested.

He called for the reinforcement of social outreach and education for behavioral change, especially among the youth in order to provide future generations with knowledge and tools to survive in this world of AIDS.

The African Development Bank, in partnerships with governments and relevant actors is working to ensure that prevention, treatment and care services reach those who are in need. Through individual country and multinational projects, the Bank supports strengthening national and sub-regional response to HIV/AIDS. Strengthening partnerships with all stakeholders and enhancing national capacity are key elements for intensifying strategic approaches that have proved to be effective.

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