The AfDB Turns a Corner in its Relations with Civil Society

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The African Development Bank will be hosting a Forum for Civil Society engagement in conjunction with its 2012 Annual Meetings in Arusha, Tanzania.  About 60 civil society organizations (CSOs) from across the continent are expected to participate in the event that will take place May 30 – 31 at the Naura Spring Hotel in Arusha.

“This year represents a milestone in the Bank with the planned adoption of a new framework which strengthens the Bank’s engagement with CSOs to achieve concrete and sustainable development results,” says Ms. Ginette-Ursule Yoman, Manager, Gender and Social Development Monitoring Division.

National CSOs and regional networks will exchange ideas and experiences with the Bank on issues related to the key challenges and opportunities in Africa and the emerging landscape. Particular attention will be given to emerging opportunities in a Green Africa with an emphasis on the integral role of CSOs.

The Forum is also designed to offer the civil society an opportunity to provide input to the Bank’s Long Term Strategy that is currently under development, as well as introduce the Bank’s 2012 Enhanced Civil Society Engagement Framework.

The number of Civil Society Organizations in Africa has grown significantly in the past decade. There are no more question about role, significance and impact of African CSOs in developing the continent.

CSOs have in fact increasingly demonstrated their ability to influence and shape public policy as well as their capacities to deliver services to millions of disadvantaged Africans.

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