The AfDB’s Resident Representative in Tanzania, Tonia Kandiero, reviews the Bank’s history and current operations in the country ahead of the Annual Meetings in Arusha

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“The Tanzania Country Office is very excited to be a part of this very important event and we look forward to having everyone in Arusha.”

Question: How are you preparing for the Annual Meetings?

Answer: We have worked effectively with the Secretary General’s office and the permanent committee for the Annual Meetings in supporting them in their preparations. We are also working with government partners to follow up on any issues that may arise.  The Tanzania office is very excited to be part of this very important event and we look forward to having everybody here in Arusha.

Question: How is the Bank’s portfolio in the country performing?

Answer: The Bank commenced operations in Tanzania in 1971. The country remains one of the largest recipients of ADF resources with a relatively healthy portfolio. By March 2012, the Bank Group’s cumulative interventions in the country comprised 121 operations, including loans and grants, with a total commitment of USD 2.9 billion in both the public and private sector.

The  ongoing portfolio consists of 16 ongoing public sector operations with a total commitment of USD 1.04 billion, two private sector operations with a total commitment of USD 13.25 million (UA 8.55 million) and nine multinational operations. Current interventions are dominated by the transport sector, which accounts for 34 percent of on-going operations.  Sixteen percent went to multi-sector operations, 13 percent to the social sector, 13 percent to agriculture and rural development, 12 percent to the water and sanitation, 11 percent to the power supply sector, and one percent to the financial sector.

Question:  How does the Bank relate to Tanzania?

Answer: The Bank remains an important partner of choice for Tanzania. The Bank has been providing assistance to address various development challenges facing the country through a combination of grants, public sector loans, technical assistance, private sector loans and analytical work. Assistance from the Bank is always closely aligned to the country’s development plans as well as the AfDB’s own medium-term and sector strategies.

The Bank’s lending programme for Tanzania is aligned to the government’s 2010/2011-2014/2015 Vision, “the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty”, referred to as MKUKUTA II and MKUZA II as well as its Five Year Development Plan.  

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