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The Evaluation Cooperation Group holds its biannual Meeting on 21-24 April 2008 in Tunis.

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The biannual meeting of the Evaluation Cooperation Group will be held from 21 to 24 April 2008 at the Sheraton Hotel- Tunis. It is also expected that ECG members will meet the Board Committee on Operations and Development effectiveness (CODE) on Thursday 24 April. The ECG Plenary will be held on Wednesday 23rd of April and will be preceded by meetings of the various ECG working Groups:

1- Meeting of the Working Group on Private Sector Evaluation (Monday)

Chaired by Marvin Taylor-Dormond, Director, Independant Evaluation Group, International Finance Corporation (IFC). Among others things, Participants will discuss members’ experience with implementing the Good Practice Standards (GPS) Third Edition and the proposed Good Practice Standards for evaluation of Investment Operations.

2- Meeting of the Reflection Group on Rating Scales and Criteria (Monday)

Chaired by Alain SEVE, Director, Operations Evaluation, the European Investment Bank (EIB). Participants will discuss:

  • evaluation concepts and indicators;
  • Rating scales and denominations and
  • harmonization and interfaces among MDB’s rating scales.

3- Meeting of the Working Group on Peer Review (Tuesday)

Chaired by Frederick Korfker, Chief Evaluator, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Participants will discuss the progress of the presentation to the MDB Boards of the Taskforce report Framework for Peer Reviews of Evaluation Systems in MDBs and future Peer Review initiatives.

4- Meeting of the Working Group on Country Programme Evaluation (Tuesday)

Chaired by R. Keith Leonard, Director, Operations Evaluation Division 1, Asian Development Bank (ADB). This meeting will provide an opportunity for participants to provide feedback and suggestions on the Good Practices and Standards for Country Evaluation.

5- Meeting of the Working Group on Communications (Tuesday)

Chaired by Colin Kirk, Director Operations Evaluation Department, African Development Bank (AfDB). The discussion will provide an opportunity to develop a public statement on issues around communication, development effectiveness and results.

6- Meeting of the Working Group on TA/TC Evaluation (Tuesday)

Chaired by Marvin Taylor-Dormond, Director, Independant Evaluation Group, International Finance Corporation (IFC). Participants will discuss the good practice standards on evaluation of technical assistance/technical cooperation.

7- Meeting of the Working Group on Public Sector Evaluation (Tuesday)

Chaired by Vinod Thomas, Director-Genral, Independant Evaluation Group, the World Bank. Participants will discuss compliance through self-assessment as well as the good practice standards for evaluation of MDB- supported public sector operations.

8- Planery Session

Chaired by Colin Kirk, Director, Operations Evaluation Department of African Development Bank. The plenary session will review the outputs of the above meetings and map out the next steps for furthering the different activity areas.

9- Meeting with Committee on Operations and Development Effectiveness (CODE) of African Development Bank (Thursday)

Members of ECG group will have a short informal meeting with CODE to inform the latter of the work of ECG and exchange ideas regarding the role of independent evaluation in MDBs.


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