The Honorary Chairman of the World Water Council nominated Head of the African Water Facility

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The Honorary Chairman of the World Water Council nominated Head of the African Water Facility

Tunis, 8 July 2005 – At the occasion of the Water Facility Inaugural Governing Council Meeting, organized by the African Development Bank (ADB) on 8 July 2005 in Tunis, the Facility Governing Council has nominated its first President.  Dr. Abu Zeid, current Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt, Honorary Chairman of the Founding Committee of the World Water Council (WWC), also Acting President of the Arab Water Council (AWC) will chair the African Water Facility Governing Council for one year term. The gathering was attended, among others by President Omar Kabbaj, Mrs. Maria Mutagamba, President of the African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW), the Tunisian Secretary of State in charge of Water Resources and Fishery, Mr. Amor El Abed.

The new President, citizen of one of the ADB member countries, from an international fame, justify of great competency in Water and Development sector.

Indeed, Dr. Abu-Zeid, currently Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egyp, is considered the principal initiator of the modern school of applied multi-disciplinary research in the area of integrated water resources management in Egypt.  Under the guidance and the leadership of Dr. Abu-Zeid, research in the water field was further consolidated and institutions reformed in his country.

Dr. Abu-Zeid was elected Chairman of the Founding Committee of the World Water Council (WWC).  In this capacity, he convened a committee, prepared studies, publications and established draft constitution and funding for the proposed institution.  This is the first time that such an attempt has taken place successfully on a world-wide scale. At the invitation of the WWC the 21st Century Vision for Water, life and Environment has been presented to the Second World Water Summit. He is also the Acting President of the Arab Water Council.

Finally Dr. Abu Zeid is chairing several national and international positions such as President, International Water Resources Association (IWRA), Vice-President of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), and Head of the Water Resources and Irrigation Division, Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. Moreover, Dr. Abu Zeid has authored more than 150 papers and books. He continues as a member in the editorial board of several national and international water journals.

The African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW) created the African Water Facility  (AWF) in the objective of mobilizing needed resources to finance the activities to facilitate and promote investments and development infrastructures implementation or water sector in Africa.  The Bank has accepted to host the Facility and to take in charge its administration.

The African Water Facility, an African States’ creation, will intend to respond to the immense needs of the continent. The great interest that the International donors already expressed in its regard is very encouraging. The Facility will try to play a crucial role in attracting more resources for water sector in Africa. African Water African Ministers entrusted the ADB, first development finance institution in Africa, to administrate this Funds. The challenge is huge for the institution and ADB must be at the level of the expectations. "The Facility simply reinforce the role of water where it should be, that is to say in the core of life », explained Mr. Kordje Bedoumra, Director of the African Water Facility.


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