The hydroelectricity potential of the Inga in DRC will be the focus of an international round table in Johannesburg

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Tunis, 29 September 2006 -  In collaboration with the African Development Bank, African Union and the Secretariat of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is organizing an international round table in Johannesburg, South Africa, from October 5-6 in order to arouse donor interest in the hydroelectric potential of the Inga in the Nkokolo valley in the DRC.

The objective of the round table is to mobilize development partners’ support for the development and exploitation of Inga hydropower potential. The round table also seeks to:

  • Inform donors, investors and potential consumers of  the potential of the hydroelectricity project to provide enough power to meet energy needs and requirements of  DRC,  a large number of African countries, as well as provide surplus energy that can be exported  to Europe and the Middle East;
  • Register declarations of interest from investors and potential clients to enable effective and planned development of the Inga;
  • Seek the views and input of development partners and all parties interested in the project into the orientation of a planned feasibility study for further development of the Inga Hydropower Site.

With the advent of NEPAD and the promise of regional integration it brings with it, the prospects for the development of the Inga are brighter today than they have ever been and interest in further developing the site is stronger. The African Development Bank carried out a study between 1993-1998 to evaluate the feasibility and viability of power interconnectivity between the Inga in DRC,  Egypt, the Central African Republic, Chad and Sudan. The World Bank has just completed a study on the rehabilitation of the existing infrastructure, and the ADB is planning a holistic study that will look at the viability of further development of the site.

More than 60 representatives from governments, international organizations, public sectors, private sector, donor agencies, development partners, NGOs and the civil society are expected to participate in the round table.


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