Tunisia: Integrated Agriculture Development Project for Kairouan

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Tunis, 30 March 2006 – A new operation of the African Development Bank in Tunisia is expected to help improve the conditions of live in rural areas. The loan approved by the Board of Directors of the ADB on Wednesday at the tune of 14.713 millions Units of Account* (US$ 21 million or 29 million Tunisian Dinars) to finance the Integrated Agriculture Development Project for Kairouan will help increase incomes of rural populations in the governorate of Kairouan.

The three components of the project (rural infrastructure development, participatory agricultural development and capacity building) comprise the following activities:

-  construction of access roads, water supply networks, creation of irrigated perimeters, construction of soil and water preservation works and forestry works;

-  planting 4,000 ha of fruit trees, improvement of animal production, development of plot irrigation (equipment of 3,500 ha of water-efficient facilities), various soil and water preservation activities at the plot level, financing of 1,500 micro-projects for women and youths, and land consolidation;

-  strengthening of administrative services and organizations of beneficiaries.

The expected increase in annual production as a result of the project are as follows: 32.000 tons of market garden produce, 30.000 tons of fruits (olives and others), 9.000 tons of cereal, 400 tons of red meat and 200 tons of milk.

During the last 15 years, the African Development Bank Group has funded the implementation of five rural integrated development projects in Tunisia, similar to the envisaged project (the Mahdia Rural Development Project, Phases I & II; the Gabès, Gafsa and Kasserine Integrated Agricultural Development Projects). This cooperation has allowed the Bank to acquire extensive experience in the design and implementation of rural integrated development projects. The design of the Kairouan IADP draws extensively on lessons learned from this experience.

The ADB Group operations in Tunisia started in 1968. To date, its commitments in the country stand at 6 billion Tunisian dinars in 96 operations.

Project Brief

-  Sources of financing: ADB, Government, beneficiaries, Micro-credit Associations

-  Estimated start-up date and duration: July 2006, for 6 years

-  Executing Agency: Commissariat régional au développement agricole de Kairouan – Kairouan – Tunisia, Tel: (216) 77 301 301, Fax: (216) 77 303 580

-  Duration of loan: 20 years with a 5 year grace period

-  Procurement of Goods and Services: National Competitive Bidding and Short list of consultants

* 1 UA = USD 1.43503 = TND 1.94536 as at 01/03/2006


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