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Tunisian-Libyan Integration: what prospects?


Reaching Tunisia’s full potential by enhancing regional integration, was the theme of the African Development Bank’s presentation at a recent forum organized by the Institut de Citoyenneté, a Tunisian network of civil society organizations. “Tunisia is at a critical juncture,” – said Emanuele Santi, country economist in the Bank’s North Africa Department. ”Building closer economic ties with its neighbours can be one of the key drivers for the country’s rebound.”

The presentation highlighted the serious repercussions that the Libyan conflict has had on the Tunisian economy, which according to an AfDB paper is estimated to be at 0.4 percent of Tunisia’s GDP. It also highlighted the opportunities post-war Libya can offer in terms of absorbing Tunisian goods, investment, and more importantly a significant flow of skilled and unskilled labour.

The AfDB’s presentation triggered a lively discussion, which enabled the Bank to also illustrate its most recent approach in Tunisia, but also to gather views from civil society organisations. The presentation is part of the AfDB’s new outreach strategy and efforts to establish new forms of dialogue between itself and the civil society in Tunisia. The discussion continues on Facebook.

Please share your views on opportunities and risks for closer integration with Libya.

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