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Water And Sanitation: ADF Supports Uganda’s Small Towns


The objective of the project is to improve the quality of life and enhance national economic development by ensuring sustainable management of the country’s water resources and provision of adequate water for all. This will enhance the standard of living and promote development in the seven small towns that will benefit from the project.

The project involves the provision of adequate water supply and sanitation to the towns concerned, solid waste management, storm water drainage and community mobilization and health education

It also includes institutional support and project implementation, engineering services for the supervision of construction work, land acquisition, compensation and project audit.

On completion, the project is expected to provide adequate water supply (meeting WHO standards) and improved public sanitation for a total of 322,400 people in the project town as well as reduce water borne diseases by 25% by 2007, from 492 to 369 cases per 1000.

The total cost of the project is estimated at 20.92 million UA, equivalent to 31.36 million US dollars. The ADF loan and grant will finance 88% of the total cost of the project. The Ugandan government will provide the remaining 12% or 2.51 million UA (3.76 million USD).

The Bank Group's operations in Uganda started in 1968. To date, the cumulative commitment of the Group in the country amounts to 760.16 million UA, equivalent to 1.14 billion US dollars.


-Name of Project: Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project

- Location: Small Towns of Apac, Iganga, Kigumba, Mityana, Mpigi, Nebbi and Pakwach

- Borrower:Republic of Uganda

-Executing Agency: Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment (MWLE), Directorate of Water Development, P.O. Box 20026, Kampala, UGANDA- Tel: (256) - 41- 505495 - Fax: (256) -41- 505941

-Estimated Starting Date & Duration: April 2005, 3 years

*1 UA = 1.49878 $US as at 01/11/2004


Eric Chinje Phone: +216 71 10 21 16