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Water and Sanitation: Morocco Gets AfDB Support


The loan of 56.2 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to 66.5 million euros, will be used to help improve the living conditions of the population by providing them with drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities.

The project aims at ensuring sustainable supply of drinking water to several towns and cities, to the new tourist and port complexes. It will improve access to drinking water in rural areas that are not on the supply network as well as improve hygiene.

The target is to provide quality drinking water supply, as from 2008,to 1.6 million people and to 2.4 million people in five towns in 2020. It will ensure the availability of water resources to 13 rural communes, 9 small urban centers, over 300 douars with a current total population of about 370 000 inhabitants as from 2008.

It will secure the drinking water supplied to the 3 new tourist resorts and the new port complex. It will create 24 000 direct jobs and about 54 000 indirect jobs.

The total cost of the drinking water supply project is estimated at UA 77.8 million, equivalent to EUR 91.5 million. The ADB representsaround 72.2% of the estimated project cost. The remaining 27.8% or UA 21.6 million UA will be provided by ONEP, the national drinking water board.

Relations between the Bank Group and ONEP date back to 1978.To date, the cumulative commitment of the Group to ONEP amounts to UA 123 million, equivalent to EUR 145 million for five projects.

The Operations of the Bank Group in Morocco commenced in 1970. To date, the amount committed by the Bank in Morocco stands at UA 3.145 billion, equivalent to EUR 3.7 billion.

Project Brief

Estimated start-up date and duration:First quarter of 2005, over 4 years.

Location: North and central regions of Morocco

Executing Agency: Office National de l’Eau Potable, Rabat, Maroc Tel: 212 37 65 06 95 – Fax: 212 65 06 40

Project description: The project has the following components:

A. Drinking water supply networks ;

B. Sidi Taibi Wastewater Purification Station;

C. Land acquisition

D. Geo-technical control (laboratory trials); E. Studies, works supervision and control.

1UA = US $ 1.49878 as at 01 /11/04


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