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What is the AfDB’s Story?


In the Fall 2012 Edition of eVALUation Matters, the US Executive Director for the AfDB discusses the AfDB’s story, Africa’s great promise and hope, and more

“The AfDB managed the debt crisis well, providing support to its countries when others would not; it has strong capacity building programs… and has demonstrated accountability and transparency, just to name a few. It is a role model in many ways,” says the Honorable Walter Jones, US Executive Director for the AfDB, in an interview published in the Fall 2012 issue of eVALUation Matters, OPEV’s quarterly knowledge publication. In the interview, the ED also discusses Africa’s attributes in a competitive global environment.

Also in the Fall issue, Vinod Thomas, Director General of Independent Evaluation at the Asian Development Bank and former Director General of the Independent Evaluation Group at the World Bank, writes that connecting the dots – horizontally across sectors; vertically to connect immediate objectives in project designs to more lasting development outcomes; and in a time-based manner – can achieve better results.

Christina A. Christie (University of California, Los Angeles) makes the case that Logic Models are an important tool that can benefit both evaluators and program managers; while Annette N. Brown (Advancement and Impact Evaluation Services) talks about Improving Assistance to Fragile States – Rigorous impact evaluations provide evidence of programs that work for building peace.

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