Workshop on Domestic Resource Mobilization for Poverty Reduction in East Africa

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From: 09/11/2010
To: 10/11/2010
Location: Kampala, Uganda

Robust domestic resource mobilization is the cornerstone for sustainable development. Donor assistance can bridge the fiscal gap for a while but ultimately cannot substitute for well established mechanisms for generating domestic revenue.

The recent global financial crisis affected donor budgets and reduced the levels of commitment of resources to developing countries. With donors accounting for over 50 percent of collected public revenue in almost half of the African countries, the fiscal implications of donor retrenchment are acute.

This Workshop focuses on the importance of Domestic Resource Mobilization, and in particular public revenue mobilization for development and poverty reduction and brings together key stakeholders to share experiences and to plot the way forward. It aims to share lessons of experience, international best practices, and to further the debate on the strategic directions required to enhance Domestic Resource Mobilization in EAC Partner States.

The Workshop and production of all the technical studies and background materials have benefitted from a generous grant from the Korea Africa Fund for Economic Cooperation.

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