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Italy joins Africa Climate Change Fund with €4.7 million; Fund grants US $0.36 million to enhance climate resilience in Zanzibar

The Italian government announced on Thursday, December 10 that it will contribute €4.7 million to the Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF), an initiative launched last year by the African Development Bank (AfDB) with a €4.725-million contribution from Germany to support African countries in building their resilience to the negative impacts of climate change and transitioning to sustainable low-carbon growth. This is in addition to a €7.4-million Italian contribution to the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa. This announcement, which comes amidst scaled up global momentum and ambition to...

ACCF grants USD 1.35 million to enhance climate finance readiness in Cape Verde, Kenya and Swaziland

The Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF) announced Friday, the approval of three projects totaling USD 1.35 million to enhance the readiness of Cape Verde, Kenya and Swaziland to mobilize climate finance, necessary to achieve national sustainable development goals. The African continent is already experiencing the adverse impacts of climate change. In spite of this reality, it continues to receive a disproportionately small share of climate finance compared to other continents. In order to mobilize finance on the scale needed, ministries, national agencies, local NGOs, and research...

First two projects of Africa Climate Change Fund approved to support climate finance readiness in Africa

The newly established Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF) has approved its first two projects in the past month. One will support Mali with preparatory funding to advance its low-carbon, climate resilient development agenda, and the second will strengthen data and information on climate change vulnerabilities and opportunities for 54 African countries. A grant of USD 404,000 from the ACCF will support the government of Mali to develop strategic programmes for a climate resilient and green economy in two key sectors, to elaborate a strategy for financing its transition to green and...

AfDB’s new fund paves the way for climate finance readiness in Africa: Africa Climate Change Fund Annual Report

Launched in April 2014 with a EUR 4.725 million contribution from Germany for an initial three-year period, the African Development Bank-sponsored Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF) is working to address underlying challenges currently preventing many of the region’s countries from accessing the climate finance they require for engaging in climate smart development. According to the ACCF Annual Report 2014, released on Friday, May 8, the goal of the Fund is to support regional member countries in their transition to climate resilient and low carbon development through...

Africa Climate Change Fund launches first call for proposals

Grants of US$ 250,000 or more for climate finance readiness activities in African countries The new Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF), housed in the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department of the African Development Bank (AfDB), is launching its first call for grant proposals. African governments, NGOs, research and regional institutions are invited to apply by following the instructions and the structure of the attached form called “ACCF_funding request” and by filling the attached logframe,and submitting their proposals to africaclimatechangefund@...

Africa Climate Change Fund - Helping Africa Access Climate Finance for a Transition to Climate Smart Development


AfDB Board approves new Africa Climate Change Fund

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) approved on April 16 in Tunis, the creation of the Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF), a bilateral thematic trust fund to support African countries in their transition to climate-resilient and low-carbon development. The AfDB will host and manage the ACCF, which was created with a 4.725 million euro contribution from Germany for an initial three-year period. The aim is to scale-up to a multi-donor trust fund as soon as at least one new donor commits to join. Following the Board’s decision, the Director of the AfDB’s...