African Fertilizer Financing Mechanism


AFFM Annual report 2018

The Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanism (AFFM) is pleased to submit its very first Annual Report for 2018 which highlights AFFM’s achievements, challenges, lessons learned during the year and way forward. The purpose of this report is to seek clearance by the AFFM Governing Council and approval by the AfDB Board of Directors on lapse-of-time basis, in accordance with the reporting obligations in section 9.3.5 of the Operational Procedures Manual of the AFFM. The key achievements accomplished in the year are the following:

L'accès rapide aux engrais à un coût abordable, clé d'un développement agricole durable en Afrique

La réalisation des objectifs de développement et de croissance agricoles durables en Afrique passera par l’augmentation du nombre d’agriculteurs ayant un accès rapide aux engrais à des prix abordables. C'est la conclusion des opérateurs et experts agricoles présents au 7ème Conseil d'administration du Mécanisme africain de financement du développement des engrais (MAFDE), qui s’est tenu le 27 février dernier à Marrakech, au Maroc, en marge du 10ème Argus Africa Fertilizer, le plus grand événement annuel du commerce des engrais en Afrique. Le premier rapport annuel du MAFDE y a été...

Timely access to affordable fertilizers, key to sustainable agriculture development in Africa

Achieving sustainable agricultural growth and development in Africa will increasingly depend on more farmers getting timely access to affordable fertilizers. This was the view of stakeholders and agriculture experts attending the 7th Governing Council meeting of the Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanism (AFFM), held on 27 February 2019 in Marrakech, Morocco, on the side-lines of the 10th Annual Argus Africa Fertilizer Conference. The day-long meeting approved AFFM’s first Annual Report and discussed ways to facilitate improved access to fertilizers for smallholder farmers. The AFFM...

AfDB Calls on Regional Member Countries and Donors to Support African Fertilizer Financing Mechanism

The African Development Bank Group invites Regional Member Countries and donors to support the Africa fertilizer financing mechanism (AFFM) financially to enable the mechanism to be legally operational as well as support its investment activities,” the Bank’s Sector Operations Vice-President Aly Abou-Sabaa told ministers and experts, on March 6,in Tunis at the 2nd Governing Council Meeting of the AFFM. The meeting was chaired by the African Union Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture and Chairperson of the AFFM Governing Council, Rhoda Peace Tumusiime. Abou-Sabaa further stressed...

AfDB to Host 2nd Governing Council Meeting of Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanism

The African Development Bank Group will, on March 6, 2013 in Tunis, host the 2nd governing council meeting of the Africa fertilizer financing mechanism (AFFM). AFFM aims to create a catalytic environment for the investments needed in Africa to enhance fertilizer production and consumption at affordable prices. It focuses on two types of activities, namely facilitation and encouraging the private sector to invest in fertilizer ventures aimed at expanding national and regional production capacity. The specific objective of the meeting is to agree on joint actions, which, if implemented,...

Fertilizers, Food Production and Poverty Eradication in Africa

The Chief Executive Officer of the Alabama-based International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC), Amit Roy, has said that fertilizers are strong factors in efforts at increasing food production and attaining food security. “We see fertilizer not only as an important ingredient in the global response to increasing food prices, but also, as a factor for an enhanced turn-around in food production and food security, as well as poverty reduction in general in Africa,”  he said, adding that “The next generation of fertilizer issues is, therefore, more relevant to Africa than anywhere...

AfDB to Host First African Fertilizer Financing Mechanism Governing Council Meeting

“AFFM will support activities that will contribute to increasing fertilizer use in Africa from 8 to 50 kg/ha by 2015,” the Abuja Declaration. The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group on Tuesday, November 3, 2009, in Tunis will host the first African Fertilizer Financing Mechanism (AFFM) Governing Council meeting. The AfDB will use the occasion to brief the members of the governing council on the implementation status of the African Fertilizer Financing Mechanism. AFFM is an initiative that resulted from the June 2006 Abuja African Fertilizer Summit. The Abuja Declaration called for an...