Southern African Governors supportive of African Development Bank’s efforts for increased development impact in the region

The Bank’s regional governors from southern Africa gathered yesterday to consider and discuss the work of the African Development Bank in the past year, following detailed presentations by the Bank’s senior management and an opening speech of welcome by Bank President Akinwumi Adesina. “We are working hard for a much-transformed Southern Africa,” Adesina told governors. Governors commented in detail on the Bank’s transformative projects in the region, and shared their concerns to ensure that their countries’ recent improvement in economic growth would continue to be reflected in solid...

African Development Bank and partners unite in major push against malnutrition −‘the silent killer’

Did you know that every $1 invested in nutrition generates as much as $138 in better health and increased productivity? The evidence is clear: improving nutrition boosts personal health as well as economic health. Africa has 20 of the 24 countries with stunting rates of over 40%. This includes Antonio, a little boy from Madagascar, whose story amplifies the urgency of action. The African Development Bank financed a major irrigation project for rice and its President, Akinwumi Adesina, had visited. Excitedly, several kids from the village rushed to where the delegation was, curious to...

Kazungula Bridge to link, open up markets in eight African countries

Scenes of traders, travelers, fishermen and women crossing the Zambezi river on floating planks, ferries, rickshaw boats, and canoes will soon come to an end.  In just 24 months, travelling between the water-rich but land-locked Zambia and Botswana will get easier, smoother and faster, when the new road and rail bridge, currently under construction across the waters of the Zambezi, is commissioned for public use. The 923-metre-long by 18.5-metre-wide masterpiece will link the town of Kazungula in Zambia with Botswana. Its location traverses the intersection of the Zambezi and Chobe...

Zambia-Zimbabwe-Botswana-Namibia Interconnector (ZiZaBoNa) – Phase A – ARAP Summary

The ZIZABONA transmission project consists of the development, financing, construction and operation of new transmission facilities in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia with the view to facilitate the establishment of a western transmission corridor in Southern Africa. The project derives its name from the first two letters of each of the four countries involved. The electricity utilities of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia signed an Inter-Utility Memorandum for the development of the transmission network called ZIZABONA in 2007, and an Inter-Governmental Memorandum of...

PPM – Botswana - BDC Intergrated Information System

PPM – Botswana - BDC Intergrated Information System

African Development Bank is key to Africa’s economic development, say Southern African Governors

The Southern African Governors of the African Development Bank have described the Bank as the future of Africa’s development, and called on it to lead the way to faster-paced development of the continent. The Governors – Finance Ministers and Ministers of Economic Planning from Angola, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, São Tomé and Príncipe, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe – shared their thoughts at a regional consultation with African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina and Senior Bank Executives at the institution’s headquarters in Abidjan, Côte d’...

Southern Africa Economic Outlook 2018

The economic outlook for the Southern Africa region is cautious. Broad-based economic activity is expected to recover at a slow pace, but the outlook remains modest, given the diverging growth patterns for the region’s economies. Upper middle-income countries turned in low and declining rates of growth. Meanwhile, lower income transitioning economies recorded moderate and improved growth, albeit at reduced rates. Despite the improvement, economic performance remains below the regional target of 7 percent annual economic growth for all member states. The region’s economic outlook continues to...

The AWF and NEPAD-IPPF Foster Climate Resilient Water Resources Development in Southern Africa

The African Water Facility (AWF) and NEPAD Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (NEPAD-IPPF) signed on January 31, 2017 in Pretoria, South Africa, a letter of agreement with the Orange Senqu River Basin Commission (ORASECOM) to launch the Climate Resilient Water Resources Investment Strategy and Multipurpose Project Preparation for the Orange-Senqu River Basin, shared by Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa. The co-financed project, amounting to about €3.5 million, includes contributions from AWF of about €2 million and $1.2 million from NEPAD-IPPF. The main...

The African Water Facility promotes sustainable growth through climate resilient water resources development in Southern Africa

The African Water Facility (AWF) approved a grant of about €2 million to support a multinational transboundary project to prepare a Climate Resilient Water Resources Investment Strategy and Multipurpose Project for the Orange-Senqu River Basin, serving the population of Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa. The main goal of this project is to promote sustainable socio-economic growth in the basin riparian countries through climate resilient water resources development in the framework of basin wide cooperation led by the Orange Senqu River Basin Commission (ORASECOM). The project will...

AfDB supports Botswana’s economic diversification programme

In a bid to help Botswana diversify its economy, the Board of Directors of the African Development Bank has approved a 850-million Pula (US $76.2-million) line of credit (LOC) to Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) to be invested in key sectors with a view to ultimately help diversify the country’s economic base. The government will provide a sovereign guarantee to the facility to finance BDC’s investment pipeline in key sectors such as agri-business, clean energy, services, infrastructure and manufacturing. The LOC will be complemented by a grant to strengthen the BDC’s implementation...

Southern Africa Quarterly Report 3rd Quarter -2014 - Issue No.14


AfDB backs Botswana’s economic transformation, approves 2015-2019 Country Strategy Paper

Executive Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) have endorsed the Bank’s Botswana Country Strategy Paper (CSP) 2015-2019; which provides a framework for the Bank Group support to Botswana during the period to enable the country achieve inclusive sustainable growth. The Bank’s support will focus on two pillars – (i) infrastructure development; and (ii) private sector development. These pillars are consistent with the core priorities of the Bank’s Ten Year Strategy, 2013-2022, and the priority actions of the country’s 10th National Development Plan. Discussing...

Gender inequality in African labour markets under the spotlight in two AfDB reports

The African Development Bank continues to commemorate the International Women’s Day through forums to discuss challenges in accelerating gender equality. A March 27 meeting on Gender and Livelihoods organized by the AfDB’s Chief Economist Complex at the Bank’s headquarters in Abidjan focused on studies showing that men were more advantaged in securing well-paying employment opportunities than women. A recent study, conducted by the Bank, revealed that in Botswana, men have an up to 44% advantage over women in paid employment. They are also twice as likely as women to be employed in...

AfDB approves US $50 million to ABC Holdings Ltd. in Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) through its private sector window approved on March 11, 2015 a US $50 million multi-currency line of credit (LoC) with a seven-year tenor to ABC Holdings Ltd. and its subsidiaries in Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. ABC Holdings Ltd. (ABCH) is a rapidly growing financial institution targeting local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in these countries covering various sectors such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing, transport and services. ABCH is gradually increasing its SME portfolio share targeting 30% by...

Project Briefs of 2004 Projects

The programme combines five inter-linked financial and technical components with the objective of promoting franchising as a business strategy to develop SMEs amongst Previously Disadvantaged Individuals in SA. This programme will provide the learning experience for its subsequent replication throughout the continent. The programme to finance franchisees in South Africaincludes four main components: (i) An Extended Finance Facility (EFF) established to enhance the gearing of franchisees’ businesses by providing a deferred loan (subordinated) with a grace period of up to 5 years; (ii)Debt...

Southern Africa Quarterly Report 2nd Quarter-2014 Issue No.13

The Southern Africa region reported an acceleration of growth in over half of the countries in the second quarter of 2014. In five countries, growth either decelerated or stayed on course. Growth was strongest in Angola, which grew by 8.8 percent, driven by growth in non-oil activities in the construction and energy sectors; followed by Mozambique, which grew by 7.5 percent, supported by the acceleration of trade related activities, transport, telecoms, and manufacturing and electricity; and Zambia, which grew by 6.5 percent following strong public expenditure in social sectors and...

Southern Africa Quarterly Review and Analysis – 1st Quarter 2014 - Issue 12

The Southern Africa region continued on a positive growth path with significant differences in growth rates among countries in the region. Mozambique, Zambia and Angola registered the fastest growth rates, exceeding the 7 percent growth rate target of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), supported by positive performance of the mining sectors and strong public expenditure. Officials in Zimbabwe also predict a significant acceleration of growth (from 3.7 percent in 2013 to 6.1 percent in 2014) premised on the successful implementation of its Agenda for Sustainable SocioEconomic...

President Kaberuka calls for urgent action on the Kazungula Bridge Project

African Development Bank President Donald Kaberuka expressed concern over the huge economic cost to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region caused by delays in constructing the Kazungula Bridge, during his visit to the project on Saturday, July 26, 2014. The President saw first-hand, a long queue of trucks waiting to cross from both sides of the border crossing at Kazungula. Transporters are using old ferries (pontoons) to move goods and vehicles across the Zambezi River at the Kazungula border crossing between Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Kazungula Bridge...

Government and African Development Bank discuss new Country Strategy for “strong, shared, sustainable growth” in Botswana

An African Development Bank team held discussions with the Government of Botswana during the week of March 24, 2014, to agree on areas of Bank support over the next five years. “The Bank’s 2014-2018 Country Strategy Paper for Botswana is intended to consolidate strong, shared and sustainable growth in this country,” said Zondo Sakala, the Bank’s Vice-President for Country and Regional Programs.   “We held excellent discussions with the Finance and Development Planning Minister, Hon. Mr. Kenneth Matambo; with the Minerals, Energy and Water Resources Minister, Hon. Mr....

The AfDB launches new guidelines for Statistical Business Registers in Africa

The Statistical Capacity Building Program of the African Development Bank responds to the needs of AfDB’s regional member countries (RMCs) as well as the Bank’s commitments in support of aid effectiveness, such as the Paris Declaration, the Marrakech Action Plan for Statistics (MAPS) and the Busan Plan of Action of the High-Level Forum in 2011. Under the guidance of Oliver Chinganya, Manager of the AfDB’s Statistical Capacity Building Division, within the Statistics Department (ESTA), the AfDB has developed Statistical Business Register (SBR) Guidelines for African countries. ESTA...