The AfDB Group in Southern Africa 2011 - Fostering Growth and Regional Integration

We are pleased to present this regional publication which provides an overview of the African Development Bank’s operations and partnership in Southern Africa. The publication comes at a critical time for the region and the Bank. The aftermath of the global financial crisis threatened to set back, in less than a year, the economic gains so painfully made over the last decades. The crisis slashed the continent’s growth rate from a healthy 6% to 2%, reduced export earnings, decreased Diaspora remittances and investment flows, and contracted the private sector. To ensure its regional member...

AfDB Calls for Deeper Regional Integration - Tool for growth and employment creation in Southern Africa

Pretoria, 14 March, 2011 - African Development Bank (AfDB) President Donald Kaberuka has affirmed his institution’s strong commitment to enhancing regional integration and growth in Southern Africa. Addressing the media close to the end of a six-day official visit to the region, Dr. Kaberuka said the AfDB had done well in terms of the volume of its support to South Africa and the broader SADC region but still had to do more in view of the challenges that still abound.   Dr. Kaberuka, who was in South Africa at the invitation of Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, held...

Development Research Briefs - Enhancing the Competitiveness of Four African Economies: Botswana, Mauritius, Namibia, and Tunisia

The competitiveness of most African countries lags behind other regions. This constrains their ability to cope with external shocks. Indeed, the challenge of the continent has been exacerbated by the 2007-2009 global financial and economic crisis. This leaves a clear role for the Bank to assist Africa in addressing these challenges and to sustain the growth momentum through policy support and capacity building. Given the critical role that knowledge plays in promoting dynamic and sustained economic growth, the study aims to promote knowledge generation and dissemination as part of the process...

2009 - Botswana - Country Governance Profile

Botswana’s Context: At Independence in 1966, Botswana was one of the poorest countries in the world. However, the country has since made remarkable progress. Some scholars have regarded the political and economic development of Botswana as exceptional; the exceptionality being attributed to Botswana’s good policy choices, the utilisation of capable state machinery that is disciplined, and operation of a realistic social and economic development planning process, complemented by the ability to adapt and blend traditional and modern institutions of governance. Hence Botswana is, forty-two years...

Botswana - Support to the Control of Communicable Diseases ( HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria) Project - EOI

This request for Expressions of Interest (EOI) follows the General Procurement Notice for this Project that appeared in UN Development Business No AfDB175- 686/06 of 16 September 2006. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has received a grant from the African Development Bank (ADB) in various currencies equivalent to UA 20.00 million towards the cost of the Support to the Control of Communicable Diseases Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant to eligible payments under the contract for consultancy services “To assess the Status of Tele-Health and its...

Botswana’s Former President Says Civil Society is Voice of Individual Citizens

Speaking on Monday, March 1, 2010, in Tunis within the framework of the African civil society organizations forum organized by the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, Botswana’s former president, Festus Mogae, said the civil society was the voice of individual citizens and that which would provide a reality check on issues of popular concern, adding that the common factors between these diverse groups were their non-profit nature and facilitation of public participation in the social or civic life of a country. He congratulated representatives of civil society organizations who were...

2009-2013 - Botswana - Country Strategy Paper

This Country Strategy Paper (CSP) has been prepared following the end of the 2004-2008 CSP for Botswana. It has been informed by the CSP Progress Report and Country Economic Review Report for Botswana both of which were approved by the Board in September 2008. It assesses Botswana’s development prospects and challenges, the government’s strategic options, and the specific role the Bank could play, in collaboration with the government and other development partners.

Botswana, Nigeria and Cape Verde Secure USD 441 Million for Energy and Poverty Reduction projects

Tunis, 28 October 2009 –  Executive directors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group approved near to USD 441 million in three loans for the implementation of projects in Botswana, Nigeria and Cape Verde, at their regular weekly session on Wednesday, 28 October 2009, in Tunis. Botswana Under the approvals, Botswana will receive €153 million (USD 225 million) to finance the Morupule B Power Project, which involves the construction of a 600 MW (4 x 150 MW) coal-fired power plant and associated transmission infrastructure. The project, to be co-financed by the World Bank, the...

AfDB Approves € 153 Million for Botswana Power Project

Tunis, 29 October 2009 – The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group Board of Directors on Wednesday, 28 0ctober 2009 in Tunis, approved a loan of € 153 million to the Government of Botswana, to finance specific components of the Morupule B power station and associated transmission infrastructure. The project involves the construction of a 600-MW (4 x 150 MW) coal fired power plant and associated transmission infrastructure. The Morupule B plant will be located adjacent to the existing Morupule A plant, and connected to the national grid by two new transmission lines. Designed to help the...

Address at the Signing of the Loan Agreement for the Economic Diversification Support Programme by the AfDB President Donald Kaberuka

Event: Signing of the Economic Diversification Support Program Loan Agreement I am pleased to be here, to see first-hand the remarkable progress your country has attained over the past four decades of stability and relative prosperity. The visit also gives me the opportunity in these exceptional circumstances of the global economic crisis, to assess the impact on the Botswana’s economy and to determine how best we can provide support to augment your own domestic efforts. As a result of the prudent management of the economy, dedicated leadership, strong institutions, checks and balances...

Responding to the Financial Crisis-AfDB President’s Visit to Boost Relations with Botswana

Tunis, Tunisia, 31 July 2009 – The African development Bank (AfDB) Group President, Donald Kaberuka, will undertake a two-day official visit to Botswana, aimed at strengthening cooperation with the country, especially in relation to the financial crisis. Top on the agenda of the 2-4 August 2009 visit is the signing of the agreement for a US$ 1.5 billion budget support loan approved by the AfDB Board in June to help fill part of the gap in the government’s 2009/2010 budget deficit caused by falling commodity prices, particularly diamonds, the mainstay of the country’s well-managed economy...

Botswana - Projet de centrale Morupule B - Résumé EIES

Le gouvernement botswanais et la Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) ont demandé à la Banque mondiale et à la Banque africaine de développement d’accompagner le développement du secteur de l’énergie du Botswana aux niveaux politique, stratégique et financier. Cet accompagnement comprend notamment l’octroi d’un prêt et/ou de garanties de la BIRD et de la BAD pour le projet de production et de transport d’énergie de la centrale au charbon Morupule B de 600 MW et pour les installations y afférentes. Le gouvernement et BPC souhaitent que le secteur de l’énergie, en particulier les projets de...

Botswana - Morupule B Power Project - Executive ESIA Summary

The Government and Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) have called on the World Bank and African Development Bank to partner in the country’s energy sector development at the policy, strategy, and investment levels. This includes a request for provision of an IBRD and ADB loan and/or guarantees for the 600-MW coal-fired Morupule B Power Generation and Transmission project and other associated facilities. The Government and BPC desire that energy sector development, especially coal power projects, be implemented consistent with appropriate best practices for minimal environmental and social...

Interview with the Director, Country and Regional Programming, Abdirahman D. Beileh following the approval of a US$ 1.5 billion Budget Support Loan to help the country cope with the financial crisis

Question: Tuesday, June 2, 2009, was an historic day when the Board approved the Country Strategy Paper and US$1.5 billion to Botswana. Why has Botswana, which had not borrowed from the Bank for the last 17 years, decided to urgently come to the Bank for a big loan? Response: Botswana is one of a number of countries that have been hit hardest by the current global financial crisis and economic downturn. This is mainly because of the dominance of the country’s mining industry, particularly diamonds, as the main economic driver and source of exports and government revenues. Starting from the...

Interview with AfDB’s Governance, Economic and Financial Reforms Director, Gabriel Negatu, following the institution’s approval of a loan to finance the Botswana Economic Diversification Support Loan Programme

“The Bank stands ready to assist its regional member countries during these times of global economic turbulence by being responsive and delivering its products and services in a timely fashion, and in a manner that addresses the differentiated needs and challenges facing each member country,” AfDB Governance Department Director, Gabriel  Negatu Question: The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group has approved a major loan of US$ 1.5 billion to finance Botswana’s Economic Diversification Programme. Could you explain the reasons for this approval to our audience?  Answer: The...

AfDB Approves US$ 1.5 Billion Budget Support for Botswana to Help Country Cope with the Financial Crisis

Tunis, June 2, 2009 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) approved today a loan of 1.5 billion US$ for Botswana, one of the best managed economies in Africa.  The loan falls within the framework of the recently approved strategy by the Bank to provide support to member countries affected by the financial crisis and is the largest such facility ever granted by the Bank.  The Budget Support Loan is designed to fill part of the gap in the government’s 2009/2010 budget deficit currently estimated at 13.5% of GDP caused by falling commodity prices, particularly diamonds. “The...

Interview with Mr. Festus Mogae, Former President of Botswana

Question: Mr. President, this morning you made a very rich presentation and conducted a very fruitful discussion with AfDB staff, Senior Management and Ambassadors in Tunisia on extractive industries, as well as the success story of Botswana. How do you think these sessions of Eminent Speakers Program could contribute to better position the Bank as a knowledge institution? Answer: The AfDB is the Premier development financing institution in Africa which is owned by the majority of Africans themselves, to the extent that it can be a facilitator of exchange of views and experience...

Botswana’s Former President Discusses African Extractive Industries

Under the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group’s Eminent Speakers Program, Botswana’s former President, Festus Mogae, addressed a seminar at the Bank’s Temporary Relocation Agency in Tunis.  He addressed Bank Staff, officials of international organizations and members of the diplomatic corps on Thursday, December 4, 2008, on the topic "Extractive Industries and Africa’s Development: Lessons from Botswana". He had a special session with the Bank’s board of directors on the same topic after a general session with Bank staff.  The Eminent Speakers Program started in 2006 as a...

2004-2008 - Botswana - Progress report of the Country Strategy Paper

The Country Strategy Paper (CSP) progress report is a tool for monitoring implementation of the strategy, drawing lessons and adjusting the strategy, if need be. Thus the objective of this progress report is to take stock of progress made and constraints and challenges encountered since the implementation of the strategy in 2004.

Multinational - SADC North - South Corridor Improvement Study

The Governments of Botswana and Zambia jointly requested the financial assistance of the Bank to prepare the detail design studies of the Kanzungula Bridge over the Zambezi River to remove the remaining physical and non-physical barriers along the SADC North-South transport corridor. The proposed bridge to link Botswana and Zambia over the Zambezi River is one of the missing links in the SADC regional trunk road network and has been included in the NEPAD-STAP. The proposed Detailed Design Studies will fully define the project and prepare it for implementation.