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2008 - Cape Verde - Country Portfolio Performance Review Report

The purpose of this report is to inform the Boards of Directors about the status of implementation of current Bank Group operations in Cape Verde and the portfolio performance trend since the previous review conducted in 1999 (ADF/BD/WP/99/88). The 1999 review led to an assessment of the unsatisfactory portfolio performance, characterized in particular by considerable implementation delays, difficulties in mobilizing counterpart contributions and inadequate capacity and management. The current review was conducted following a mission to Cape Verde in July 2009, during which meetings were held...

Cape Verde - Technology Park Project - Project Procurment Plan

Cape Verde - Technology Park Project - Project Procurment Plan

West Africa Monitor Quarterly - Issue 1

The West Africa Monitor aims at monitoring key socio‐economic developments in the region and provides brief analysis on latest events across the countries. This issue includes (i) a Regional Overview highlighting major trends; (i) a set of country notes each of them featuring a special theme of key relevance for the country at the time of writing; and (iii) a dedicated section on financial sector in West Africa.

Cape Verde - Praia Airport Expansion and Modernisation Project (PEMAP) - Appraisal Report

The project to expand and modernise the Praia Airport,whose initial construction was co-financed by ADB, has been designed based ona feasibility study completed in February 2013 and funded by the Bank and the Government. This project will address the air transport demand, especially those needs relating to economic activity and tourism.Toaddress the projected traffic increase and ensure efficient management of passenger flows at peak periods, the following improvements are envisaged under the proposed project:(i) expansion of the passenger terminal; (ii) expansion of the aircraft parking area...

Cape Verde - Technology Park Project – ESMP Summary

The Cape Verde Technology Park (the Park) is part of the country’s Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector strategy, aimed at promoting innovation and business development, thereby leveraging the country's growth. Its vision is to galvanize the ICT cluster, positioning Cape Verde as an international service center and a «gateway to Africa» for key international companies in the sector. The Park’s strategic goals will be achieved through an infrastructure with four main components: 1) data center, 2) business center, 3) incubation center and 4) training and qualification center...

2013 - Cape Verde - Extension of the 2009-2012 CSP to End of December 2013

In October 2009, the Bank’s Boards of Directors approved the 2009-2012 Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for the Republic of Cape Verde. The strategy was geared mainly towards supporting the Government’s efforts to consolidate and accelerate the progress that had earned Cape Verde the status of middle-income country (MIC). The strategy, aligned on that of the Government (2008-2011 GPRSP and ETS), focused on two pillars, namely: (i) consolidating the gains made in economic and financial governance; and (ii) contributing to infrastructure development. The relevance of both pillars had been confirmed...

Cape Verde - Praia Airport Expansion and Modernization Project (PEMAP) - ESMP Summary

The Praia International Airport is located in Cape Verde’s administrative capital on the Island of Santiago. It is located 5 km east of the city of Praia and is easily accessible by a paved road which is actually the extension of the runway of the first Praia Airport (transformed into meteorological station). The airport is adjacent to the sea, with rapidly expanding urban areas to the South and South-west. The airport area is administratively part of Achada Grande or the Praia industrial zone, which also includes the commercial port and the fishing port on the island of Santiago. The PRAIA...

2009-2012 - Cap vert - Revue à mi-parcours du document de stratégie pays

Le Cap-Vert réalise des progrèe notables sur les plans politique et socioéconomique depuis pratiquement deux décennies. Il jouit d’une stabilité politique et institutionnelle depuis qu’il a opté pour la démocratie en 1991. La liberté des médias est une réalité dans le pays, et l’absence de conflits ethniques, politiques et religieux a renforcé la cohésion socioculturelle. Le pays a enregistré une performance exemplaire en matière de gouvernance, et il obtient constamment les meilleures notes au titre des indices internationaux de gouvernance. Depuis le début du présent millénaire, le succès...

Mr. Pedro Pires – Former President of the Republic of Cape Verde

“The African Development Fund was the appropriate window to get resources for our development.”

3rd Call for Proposal of the AfDB Migration and Development Fund

The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) is pleased to announce the 3rd call for proposals of the Migration and Development Fund (MDF). Award amounts will range from 350,000 EUR to 500,000 EUR per project.   We invite not-for-profit organizations, such as migrant associations and NGOs working on migration and development related activities, as well as for profit entities such as financial institutions, money transfer operators, business development companies, etc. from West Africa to apply. The Migration and Development Fund under this call for proposals will finance new and...

Cape Verde - A Success Story

This research project was initiated, sponsored and managed by the African Development Bank’s Regional Department West II (ORWB) under the guidance of Issa Koussoube, Lead Economist and the overall direction of Franck Perrault, Regional Director.  

Cape Verde - The Road Ahead

This research project was sponsored and managed by the African Development Bank’s Regional Department West II (ORWB) under the direction of Franck Perrault, Regional Director. The study was prepared by Olugbenga Adesida, Mohamed Chemingui and João Resende Santos (AfDB consultants) under the supervision of Mohamed Hedi Bchir, Principal Country Economist, ORWB, Mamadou Diagne, Principal Country Economist, ORWB, and Adalbert Nshimyumuremyi, Chief Country Economist, ORWB, respectively. Research assistance was provided by Cassandro Mendes. The useful feedback from Desiree Nadege Yameogo, Senior...

Multinational - Integrated Management of Invasive Aquatic Weeds in West Africa - Project Completion Report (PCR)

The proliferation of aquatic weeds in West Africa’s river networks is a real scourge. The invasion of lakes and lagoons, navigable waterways and irrigation canals by these weeds impedes their functioning and seriously affects the riparian communities’ daily lives. Thus, the incomes of fishermen and transporters are drastically reduced due to increased operating costs of boats; farmers must devote much more time to the cleaning of irrigation canals, resulting in production and productivity losses. These losses are reflected in the selling price of fishery and agricultural products on the...

Interview with Dr. Albert Toikeusse Mabri, Minister of State, Planning and Development, and AfDB Governor for Côte d'Ivoire


Cape Verde: A Success Story


Lancement du Sommet de l’innovation en Afrique

L’ancien président de la république du Cap-Vert, Pedro Pires a présidé en présence de Mme Cristina Duarte, ministre capverdienne de l’économie et des finances, M. Donald Kaberuka, président du groupe de la BAD et  de M. Jose Brito, président du Sommet, au lancement à Praia du lancement public du Sommet de l’Innovation en Afrique.  Dans son discours inaugural, le président Pires a dit que « le développement durable nécessite le renforcement des capacités et la promotion de l’innovation qui, a-t-il indiqué renvoie au futur. »   Quant au président Kaberuka, il a insisté sur...

Africa Development Fund Mid-Term Review - Opening Remarks by the AfDB President Donald Kaberuka

Event: African Development Fund Mid-Term Review In 2010, despite tight finances, ADF members agreed to yet another generous replenishment of the Fund, as you have done in the past 40 years. In the past three replenishments alone ADF 10, 11 and 12, a total of 21 billion dollars was mobilized. The last two replenishments with which I have had the honour to be associated – ADF 11 and 12 were able to raise 18 billion dollars. These substantive contributions were made possible by your faith and confidence in the Bank as the trusted "vehicle" for supporting Africa’s development. There are,...

Cape Verde - Power Transmission and Distribution System Development Project - AOI

This Invitation for Bids (IFB) follows the General Procurement Notice (GPN) for this Project that appeared in United Nations Development Business online (UNDB online) No. AfDB-128-819/12 of March 23th, 2012, on the African Development Bank’s Internet Website ( and the national newspaper of March 28th, 2012 and March 29th, 2012. The Government of Cape Verde has received a loan from the African Development Fund (ADF) and a loan from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in various currencies towards the cost of Power Transmission and Distribution System Development Project...

West Africa Long-Term Strategy Consultation Meeting - Summary Report

The summary below captures the main points discussed during the West African regional consultation meeting in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and is not a detailed set of minutes. The comments have been summarized and organized according into five thematic areas: (i) Context and Drivers of Change; (ii) Vision for Africa for the next decade; (iii) Operational Focus for the Bank; (iv) Financing, and (v) Institutional Reform.

La BAD finance le soutien à la gestion des finances publiques et le secteur privé au Cap-Vert

Le Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement (BAD) a consenti, le 7 décembre 2011 à Tunis, un prêt de 25 millions d’euros, soit l’équivalent de 2,7 milliards d’Escudo (CVE) à la République du Cap-Vert. Ce prêt de la BAD va permettre de mettre en œuvre le programme d’appui à la gestion des finances publiques et à la relance du secteur privé. Ce programme permettra notamment au gouvernement cap-verdien de poursuivre les réformes destinées : (i) à l’amélioration de la gestion de la dette publique et des entreprises publiques ; (ii) au renforcement des systèmes de contrôle interne et...