Cameroun - Dibamba Power Project 88mw Thermal Power Plant & 90kv Transmission Line - ESIA Summary

AES Sonel, the national power utility company in Cameroon, is currently developing the Dibamba Power Project in order to meet the requirements of electricity generation in Cameroon and to reduce the occurrence of temporary electricity cuts when electricity demand is high (load shedding).

AfDB and Cameroon Sign US$ 76.6 Million Transport Facilitation Project Loan

Tunis, 22 February 2007 – The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group and Cameroon signed an agreement for a loan of 48 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to US$ 76.57 million (FCFA 36 billion) to finance the Douala-Bangui and Douala Ndjamena road corridor, linking Cameroon, the Central African Republic (CAR) and Chad. The agreement was signed on Friday in Tunis by the Bank Group’s Vice President in charge of Infrastructure, Private Sector and Regional Integration, Mandla Gantsho, and Cameroon’s Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Louis Paul Motaze. The...

Cameroon - Transport Facilitation Programme on the Bamendamamfe- Ekok-Mfum-Ogoja Junction- Abakaliki-Enugu Corridor - ESIA Summary

This program concerns transport facilitation on the Bamenda-Mamfe-Ekok section of NR6, which the Government of the Republic of Cameroon intends to build with the financial support of the African Development Bank. At the sectoral level, the program aims to contribute to increased trade and co-operation between CEMAC zone countries and those of the ECOWAS zone in general, and between Cameroon and Nigeria in particular. The specific objective of the program is to improve the effectiveness of the transport logistic chain along the Bamenda-Enugu corridor.

AfDB President Visits Cameroon

The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group President, Donald Kaberuka, was on May 22, 2007, received in audience by Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya. Mr. Kaberuka used the occasion to inaugurate the Bank’s new regional office in Cameroon and later announced a CFAF 22 billion grant to the Central African country to finance the Limbe shipyard project. The opening of an office in Yaoundé falls within the framework of institutional reforms at the Bank. Speaking about the visit, Cameroon’s finance minister, Polycarpe Abah Abah, indicated that the visit made it possible to lay a solid...

Cameroon Secures US$ 66 Million ADF Loan for Road Project

Tunis, 15 November 2006 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, will support the development of road infrastructure project in Cameroon with the approval of a loan of 44.70 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to US$ 66.15 million to finance the Numba-Bachuo Akagbe Road Development Project in the South West Province of the country. The project aims at improving the road by developing a permanent link between the two localities as part of efforts to boost socio-economic amenities, as...

Cameroon - HIPC Approval Document completion Point under the Enhanced Framework

On May 1, 2006, the Republic of Cameroon became the 15 th regional member country (RMC) to reach completion point under the enhanced HIPC Initiative. As a result, the boards of Directors of the IMF and the World Bank approved, for the country, approximately US 1.27 billion of debt relief in end-1999 NPV terms, equivalent to 27 percent reduction of Cameroon’s debt relief (in NPV terms) after traditional debt relief.

Working Paper 86 - A Review of Ex - ante Poverty Impact Assessments of Macroeconomic Policies in Cameroon and Ghana

Cameroon and Ghana went through a series of stabilization and structural adjustment programs in the 1980s and 1990s that implied considerable changes to a broad range of macroeconomic polices. However, in terms of poverty reduction, little has been achieved, except more recently in Ghana. While some claim that macroeconomic stabilization has gone too far, others maintain that changes in macroeconomic policies have not gone far enough. Even though it is clear today that the developmental challenges facing most developing countries are cross-cutting and need a comprehensive set of macroeconomic...

Cameroon : AfDB Group Supports the Yaoundé Sanitation Project

Ouagadougou, 17 May 2006 – The African Development Fund and the Government of Cameroon today in Ouagadagou signed a grant agreement of 25 million Units of Account, (equivalent to US$ 37.66 million) to finance the Yaoundé Sanitation Project in Cameroon. The agreement was signed by Mrs. Zeinab El-Bakri, ADB Vice President of Operations, and Mr. Abah Abah Polycarpe, Minister of the Economy and Finance of Cameroon in the presence of the ADB Group president, Mr. Donald Kaberuka and Government Delegate to the Yaoundé urban council, Mr. Gilbert Tsimi Evouna . The overall objective of the...

Agreement for the establishment of an African Development Bank Regional Office in Cameroon

An agreement was signed on 16 May 2006 in Ouagadougou between Mr. Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank Group, and Mr. Abah Abah Polycarpe, Cameroon’s Minister of Finance. The Agreement provides for the establishment of an African Development Bank Regional Office in Cameroon. The Office will be responsible for operations in Cameroon and the Central African Republic. The Office will support the Bank Group in the launching and monitoring of projects, promote relations between the Bank Group and government authorities, the private sector and civil society, and will also...

Cameroon: Bank Group Supports Investment in Power Sector

Tunis, 10 May 2006 – The African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank (ADB) Group will support a project to improve electricity supply and network efficiency in Cameroon. The ADF Board today approved a loan of  UA49.65 million (equivalent to 60 million Euros) for the partial financing of  a five-year investment programme  by AES Sonel,  an integrated electric power utility in Cameroon. The project will involve the rehabilitation and renovation of generating facilities, reinforcement and construction of high voltage lines...

ADB Supports African Women in Business

Tunis, 18 April 2005 – A Pan-African conference on "Promoting the Development of African Women in Business (AWIB) 1: Towards Economic and Social Leadership", opens at the Hotel Hilton Yaoundé in Cameroon on Monday, under the auspices of the Private Sector Department of the African Development Bank (ADB). The event is being co-organized with the African Network for Support to Women Entrepreneurs (ANSWE) and the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The conference will give the opportunity to (i) exchange experiences and promote networking among key field partners, (ii) raise...

2004 - Cameroon - Country Governance Profile

As for other Bank regional member countries of the Bank, it was decided to prepare a governance profile for Cameroon. At the economic level, the country enjoyed from 1975 to 1985 a long period of prosperity, with average real growth rates of about 7%, jeopardized, from 1985/1986, by a crisis entailing serious repercussions on the economic and social fabric, in spite of the country’s assets in terms of its natural resources (oil, coffee, cocoa and cotton). To address this crisis, the Government first conducted an adjustment policy which quickly showed its limits. Then, after satisfactorily...

Cameroon - Aes-Sonel Investment Program - Executive Summary

AES-Sonel, a recently privatized integrated electric utility in Cameroon, has embarked on a capital expenditure program to improve and expand the electricity generation, transmission and distribution system in order to address the urgent electricity shortage in the country. Currently AES SONEL supplies electricity to over 425,000 customers from both thermal and hydroelectric generating plants with installed capacity of 844 MWs by way of two independent transmission networks, Southern and Northern grids. The transmission system consists of 487.5 km of 225 kV, 1360.9 km of 90 kV transmission...

Cameroon Country Financing Parameters Note

Since the mid-1990’s, Cameroon has undertaken a comprehensive economic reform program, with a very positive impact on economic performance. Economic growth has been steady with a real GDP growth sustained at around 4.5 percent during 1997-2004, and inflation has been contained to less than 2.0, partly due to prudent monetary policy at the regional Central Bank, BEAC. In 2004, Cameroon has continued to maintain broad macroeconomic stability, with slowly rising per capita GDP. Growth performance in 2004 was good with GDP growth reaching 4.8 percent, and inflation remaining very low. The current...

Cameroon - Health System Development Project - Appraisal Report

The project contributes to the achievement of REOSSP objectives in Cameroon, and meets a genuine need of the population. It also complies with the Bank’s health policy and ties in with a global health services strengthening plan advocated by the donor community. The establishment or rehabilitation of health structures in disadvantaged areas, along with the development of support structures, such the SNIS, and the maintenance of biomedical equipment, will concretely contribute to improving the health status of the population.

Identification d’espace à usage de bureau professionnel pour le compte du bureau régional de l’Afrique centrale a Yaoundé de la Banque africaine de développement

La Banque Africaine de Développement (Banque) invite, par le présent Appel d’offres, les soumissionnaires éligibles à présenter leurs offres sous pli fermé pour l’identification d’espaces de bureaux pour l’installation du Bureau Régional pour l’Afrique Centrale de la Banque à Yaoundé (Cameroun).

Recrutement d’une agence immobilière pour l’identification d’espaces à usage de bureau professionnel pour le compte du bureau de l’Afrique centrale à Yaoundé de la Banque africaine de développement

La Banque Africaine de Développement (Banque) invite, par le présent Appel d’offres, les soumissionnaires éligibles à présenter leurs offres sous pli fermé pour l’identification d’espaces de bureaux pour l’installation du Bureau Régional à Yaoundé (Cameroun).