November 2013 - Progress report on the implementation of the Climate Change Action Plan 2011–2015

The Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) of the African Development Bank (AfDB, or Bank) sets out the path towards climateresilient, low-carbon development for Africa and provides guidance for improved access to climate finance. It calls for the establishment of an enabling environment for addressing climate change, policy and institutional reforms and capacity development to ensure effective implementation of the adaptation and mitigation actions. The cross-sectoral nature of the climate change challenge requires a high level of commitment by different departments within the Bank and by...

Growing Green - The AfDB and CIF for a Climate-Smart Africa

The AfDB vision for Africa As the momentum in Africa builds toward development embedded with climate action, AfDB is at the front lines, providing countries with support for programs in sustainable energy, resilient rural, coastal and forest landscapes, and globally scalable knowledge on low-carbon and climateresilient solutions. To bolster this, AfDB is partnering with the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), and to date has channeled $450 million of CIF funds and adding $1.1 billion for projects in 8 of the 16 CIF pilot countries at the forefront of climate action.

The Solutions for a Changing Climate: The African Development Bank's Response to Impacts in Africa

Climate change seriously threatens sustainable development, poverty reduction and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), particularly in Africa. The adverse impacts of climate change are already manifesting themselves on the continent in more frequent occurrences of climate events such as floods, droughts, and heat waves. The major concerns for Africa’s key economic sectors with disastrous consequences include; a heightened threat of food security, inadequate water resource availability, degeneration in natural resources productivity, diminished biodiversity, decline in...