Egypt: African Development Bank, African Export-Import Bank roadshow launches preparations for 2nd Africa Investment Forum

Cairo, Egypt, 6 August 2019: The African Development Bank and the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) held a roadshow in Cairo to launch preparations for the second Africa Investment Forum taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa, 11 - 13 November 2019. The Africa Investment Forum aims to raise capital for transformational investment opportunities across Africa. Addressing the roadshow, Dr. Sahar Nasr, Egypt’s minister of investment and international cooperation, said that the Egyptian investment opportunities presented in the forum were in line with the political leadership...

Egypt: Combined mid-term review country strategy paper 2015-2019 and country portfolio performance review

On December 15 2015, the Bank's Board of Directors approved the Egypt Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for the period 2015-2019 with two strategic pillars: (i) Developing infrastructure to foster sustainable and inclusive growth, and improve the business environment; and (ii) Governance, for enhanced transparency, efficiency and fairness and increased private sector participation.This CSP Mid Term Review (MTR) assesses the progress made up to December 2018, and guides the implementation of the CSP over the remaining period. The late delivery of the MTR is due to Presidential elections in 2018,...

Egypt - Comprehensive Study And Project Preparation For The Nubaria And Ismailia Canals - Project Completion Report

There are many-water related challenges facing Egypt. On the one hand, the growing population of Egypt and related industrial and agricultural activities have increased the demand for water to levels that reach the limits of the available supply. The majority of the population of Egypt is concentrated in the Nile Valley and Delta. To relieve the pressure on the Nile Valley and Delta, the government has embarked on an ambitious programme to increase the inhabited area in Egypt by means of horizontal expansion projects in agriculture and the creation of new industrial areas and cities in the...

EOI – Egypt - Consultancy Service - Feasibility Study for developing three Informal Settlements - Informal Settlements Upgrade Technical Assistance

The Arab Republic of Egypt has received financing from the African Development Bank toward the cost of the Informal Settlements Upgrade Technical Assistance, and intends to apply part of the agreed amount for this grant to payments under the contract for “Feasibility Study for developing three Informal Settlements”.

Integrating Africa’s financial markets: African Development Bank and Egypt’s Stock Exchange hold investor roundtable for the African Domestic Bond Fund

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and the African Development Bank have jointly organised an investor roundtable in Cairo to promote the African Domestic Bond Fund (ADBF), set up to improve the liquidity and transparency of African local currency bond markets – a key step in expanding the continent’s capital markets, with Egypt playing a leading role.   The event held 21-22 July, was well attended by a wide range of financial groups including representatives of the Egyptian asset management and investment industry such as the Egyptian Capital Markets Association, Egyptian Investment...

EOI – Egypt - Consultancy Service - Public Private Partnership (PPPs) study in the Housing Sector - Informal Settlements Upgrade Technical Assistance

The Arab Republic of Egypt has received financing from the African Development Bank toward the cost of the Informal Settlements Upgrade Technical Assistance, and intends to apply part of the agreed amount for this grant to payments under the contract for “Public Private Partnership (PPPs) studyin the Housing Sector”.

EOI – Egypt - Consultancy Service - Outcome Impact Evaluation study of three completed Informal Settlements Development projects

The Arab Republic of Egypt has received financing from the African Development Bank toward the cost of the Informal Settlements Upgrade Technical Assistance, and intends to apply part of the agreed amount for this grant to payments under the contract for “Outcome Impact Evaluation study of three completed Informal Settlements Development projects”.

GPN - Fund for Africa Private Sector Assistance (FAPA): Private Sector Investment Initiative for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in Africa - PECG

The Climate Change and Green growth Department (PECG)has received a grant from the African Development Bank’s Fund for African Private Sector Assistance to finance the Scaling up  Private Sector Capacity and Investment for Climate Change and Green Growth Projects in five pilot countries :Egypt, Morocco, Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria and South Africa. The overall goal of the projectis to enable Africa’s private sector participation into climate-related investments that support the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in Africa under the Paris Agreement

North Africa Long-Term Strategy Consultation Meeting - Summary Report

The summary below captures the main points discussed during the North Africa regional consultation meeting in Tunis and is not a detailed set of minutes. The comments have been summarized and organized into five thematic areas: (I) Context and Drivers of change; (ii) Vision for Africa for the next decade; (iii) Operational Focus for the African Development Bank; (iv) Financing, and (v) Institutional Reform.

SPN – Egypt - Supply of Spare parts for pipeline production for lateral pipes with diameter "80mm"

This Invitation for Bids follows the General Procurement Notice (GPN) for this project that appeared in UNDB online on 13 October 2016 and in the African Development Bank Group’s Internet Website.

Economic Brief - Capital Market Development in North Africa Current Status and Future Potential

Capital markets in North Africa have a long history but have been marginal to the region’s development. For the private sector to expand and flourish there is strong evidence which shows that the ability to raise equity finance is indispensable. However this investigation reveals the limited breadth and depth of the North African markets. Markets in sovereign and corporate bonds complement equity financing, but these are also underdeveloped in North Africa. The study finds that legal and regulatory provision is for the most part adequate, but there has been an absence of confidence by both...

Economic Brief - Regional integration in South-East Asia : lessons for the southern Mediterranean Countries

Key messages • Despite a long common history, geographical, cultural, religious and linguistic proximities, North Africa is an under-integrated region. • ASEAN's high rate of trade integration cannot be solely attributed to the trade liberalization and economic integration efforts deployed by the member countries. • Traditionally more open to FDI than the North African Economies, ASEAN was very rapidly integrated into the strategies of global companies, first as a production base, then as a market.

ORNA - North Africa - Annual Report 2014

From 1990 to 2010, North African countries achieved rapid economic growth and significant progress in human welfare indicators such as poverty reduction, life expectancy, and health status. Nevertheless, this period ended with popular uprisings that toppled long-standing political regimes in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. This year’s North Africa Annual Report is largely devoted to the topic of inclusive growth and development, the absence of which in several ways helped trigger the uprisings, in an attempt to better understand why economic growth over the 5-10 years preceding the revolutions...

Egypt - Update of actuarial study for National Social Health Insurance - PCR

Under the Egypt Health Sector Reform Program launched 20 years ago, a universal health insurance system regulated by a dedicated health insurance law was one of the main and most challenging components to be implemented , largely due to the envisaged high cost of the program and the lack of fiscal resources. The health insurance system would be regulated by a law, and o ver the past decade, several draft s of the health insurance l aw were presented for endorsement by Parliament, yet none was deemed sufficiently satisfactory for endorsement.

Regional Economic Outlook 2019 - North Africa

The African Development Bank projects faster GDP growth in North Africa at 4.4 percent in 2019 and 4.3 percent in 2020. That will be higher than the African average, but lower than in East Africa, the best performing region. Growth is expected to be much stronger in Egypt and Mauritania, to improve somewhat in Morocco and Tunisia, but to slow in Algeria and Libya. Fiscal and current account deficits are expected to continue their steady decline, and exchange rates to stabilize, reducing inflation pressures. The long-term outlook for the region is strongly linked to greater regional stability...

PPM - Egypt - Informal settlement upgrade technical assistance project - ISDF

PPM - Egypt - Informal settlement upgrade technical assistance project - ISDF (54 kB)

African Development Bank to Launch Regional Economic Outlook Reports

Following the successful launch of the 2019 edition of its flagship African Economic Outlook in January, the African Development Bank will launch the regional versions of the report (West, Central, East, South and North Africa) on the following dates: 02/04/2019: Abuja African Development Bank Group, 1521 Cadastral Zone A0 Off Memorial Close Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria 03/04/2019: Yaoundé, Nairobi and Pretoria Hotel Hilton, Yaoundé, Cameroon African Development Bank Group, Khushee Tower, Longonot Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi,...

Egypt’s Stock Exchange meets African Development Bank on initiative to integrate Africa’s capital markets

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) has received a mission from the African Development Bank in the wake of its membership of the African Exchanges Linkage Project (AELP), an initiative to foster greater integration in securities trading across the continent. The AELP project, jointly initiated by the Bank and the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA), has the main objective of increasing intra-African investment flows through linking African Stock Exchanges. EGX joined the Project last month as one of seven stock exchanges that will be linked in AELP’s first phase. In talks with the...

PPM – Egypt - Establishment a Navigational Line Between Lake Victoria and the Mediterranean Sea (VICMED)

PPM – Egypt - Establishment a Navigational Line Between Lake Victoria and the Mediterranean Sea (VICMED) (78 kB)

Egypt – Integrated Rural Sanitation in Upper Egypt - Luxor – IRSUE-Luxor – SESA Summary

Somalia has about 21,933km long road network in poor to very poor condition. 90 % of the primary roads serving major regions including those under SCRIP have deteriorated and are well past their designed life-span of 30 years (National Development Plan, 2017-19). With many years of protracted armed conflicts and recently formed weak Central and State federal governments pose, a huge maintenance backlog to road infrastructures in the country. In such context, long term development of infrastructure sector largely depends on international community beside humanitarian support for recovery...