Lesotho - E-Government Infrastructure Project - Appraisal Report

The objective of the project is the enhancement of good governance by the deployment of a modern and secure e-government broadband infrastructure. Specifically, the project shall enhance coordination of public service delivery across ministries, key agencies and local governments. The Project will also strengthen existing Government data centers and portals; and improve access to e-services for state building such as automated administrative services including e-payroll; civil registration; e-health, e-procurement, e-customs;and,revenue management. The total estimated cost of the project is...

Cameroon - Grassfield Rural Infrastructure and Participatory Development Support Project-Phase II (Grassfield II) - Appraisal Report

The Rural Infrastructure and Participatory Development Support Project, Phase II ( Grassfield II) will be implemented in the North-West Region of Cameroon.The main activity of 70% of the region’s population is agriculture and 13% of the country’s rural poor live there. This operation is a sequel to an initial project(2005-2011),which had significant results and a positive impact on the income of the beneficiary communities.However, the Government has sought to consolidate the project achievements due to the persistence of basic needs and the size of the intervention area in relation to the...

DRC - Project to Develop the Lovua-Tshikapa Section of the Batshamba-Tshikapa Road - Appraisal Report

The National Road 1 (NR1) (Banana-Matadi–Kinshasa-Lubumbashi-Kasumbalesa-SakaniaRoad) (3,130 km) is the main backbone of the road transport system in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It links Matadi to the West, but also Lubumbashi in Katanga Province to the East of DRC across various towns. The NR1 passes through Kinshasa, Kenge and Kikwit in Bandundu Province, Tshikapa and Kananga in West Kasaï Province and Mbuji-Mayi in East Kasaï Province. Through this road, it is possible from Mbuji-Mayi to get to Mwene Ditu (major railway station) and connect to NR2 leading to Bukavu (South-Kivu...

Zimbabwe - Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project - Phase I - Appraisal Report

In June 2011, the Board of Directors approved a grant amounting to USD 35 million to finance the Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project (EPIRPI or the Project) targeting the power transmission and distribution facilities throughout the whole country and the rehabilitation of the Ash Handling Plant at the Hwange Power Station in Hwange.The Protocol of Agreement was signed in September 2011. The envisaged outcomes of the intervention include: improved environmental management and ash handling at the Hwange Power Station, improved reliability of sub-transmission and distribution...

Côte d’Ivoire - Abidjan Urban Transport Project - Appraisal report

Abidjan, a port city and the sixth largest city on the African continent, has a population estimated at 4.71 million (21% of the country’s total population in 2014) and projected to rise to 8.5 million in 2030. Paradoxically, 60% of the road network inspected in 2003 was in bad repair. Due to the combined effect of population growth, the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles and the decline of public transport systems, the road network and traffic control system have proved to be inadequate to ensure the flow of the increasing volume of traffic. Almost all intersections face severe...

Zimbabwe: African Development Bank supports post cyclone recovery efforts with $24.7 million

The African Development Bank Group on 21 August 2019 signed a deal to support Zimbabwe’s post-cyclone Idai recovery plans with $24.7 million as part of its lead role to help restore livelihood and infrastructure in areas most hit by the disaster this year. Cyclone Idai hit the southern African nation in March, causing loss of lives, devastation, displacement and extensive damage to infrastructure in some eight districts. The Bank Group initially responded to the calamity with $250,000 to support the humanitarian aid response. The latest support, from the Bank’s Transitional...

Swaziland - Mbabane Bypass Road Project - Project Completion Report (PCR)

To fill the missing link on the Matsapha-Mbabane-Ngwenya corridor and provide the vital link towards enhancing regional integration through development of the east/west corridor which forms part of Swaziland’s commitment to the SATCC protocol; to ease the traffic flow between the South African border and the interior part of Swaziland which is currently the most heavily trafficked road in the country; to contribute towards achieving the sector goal by providing an efficient and cost-effective transport system for both national and international traffic within Swaziland; and to enhance...

Gabon: The African Development Bank’s funding improves conditions for those living by the country's main trunk road

Hermann Nzondo drives a taxi. He grimaces when he mentions the former National Highway 1: "Back then, the 119-km journey from Lambaréné to Mouila was not easy. You could only do it in a 4x4. But since they surfaced the road, a taxi can do the return journey in two hours instead of five”. Traffic conditions have improved hugely on this road since 2014, when it was refurbished thanks to an African Development Bank funding package of €260 million. The purpose was to modernise 250 km of roads in Gabon. Along the length of National Highway 1, five bridges...

Senegal - Community Feeder Roads Project to Support the National Rural Infrastructure Programme (PPC/PNIR) - Project Completion Report (PCR)

In 1997, the Government of Senegal prepared a poverty reduction plan and in 1999 adopted a Decentralised Rural Development Policy Letter which was the concrete expression of the decentralisation policy stipulated in the Local Authority Code promulgated in 1996. At the time, the Government had also prepared a Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) which in its current updated form (Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy Paper - PRSP II) is the reference framework for the activities of all development partners, including the Bank. The PPC/PNIR, which focuses primarily on opening up rural areas...

Tunisia - Electricity Distribution Network Rehabilitation Project (Electricity VII) - Project Completion Report (PCR)

In efforts to enhance the competitiveness of local enterprises within a context of economic liberalization, the Government of Tunisia undertook key reforms, including basic infrastructure upgrading. In 2003, the country’s economic development and improvement of the standard of living of the population brought about strong growth in electricity consumption (about 12% annually), leading to saturation of part of the distribution networks and degradation of the quality of service. To improve the quality of its service, STEG, in the 10 th Five-Year Socioeconomic Development Plan (2002-2006),...

Attribution de marchés - Guinée - Travaux de reconstruction de la route Coyah-Farmoréah-Frontière Sierra Léone (75km) en 2x1 voie en deux (02) Lot en république de Guinée


Project Brief - EASSy

The EASSy is an initiative to construct and operate a submarine fiber-optic cable along the east coast of Africa to connect 20 coastal and land-locked countries to each other and to the rest of the world. The project, with an estimated total cost of USD 235 million, will run cable from Port Sudan, Sudan to Mtunzini, South Africa, covering approximately 9,000 km. 29 leading telecommunications operators from East and Southern Africa make up the initial parties involved in the construction and maintenance of EASSy. The EASSy project will provide the last link to completely encircle Africa with...

Project Brief – Pan African Infrastructure Development Fund (PAIDF)

The project involves the participation of the Bank in the establishment of an Equity Fund dedicated to infrastructure in Africa, the Pan African Infrastructure Development Fund (“PAIDF” or the “Fund”); its incorporation will be done in Mauritius. Due to the long-term nature of infrastructure investments, the Fund will have a 15-year life. The investment period will be eight (8) years from the date of the Fund launch (“Investment Period”); which provides the Manager with a 7-year time horizon per investment to build, develop and grow each individual investment before exit. The Fund’s objective...

Project Brief – Sahanivotry Hydroelectric

The project comprises the construction of a 15 MW run-of-river hydroelectric power station on River Ampamehena in Sahanivotry, in the agro-industrial region of Antsirabe.Part of the river’s water shall be deviated by a small dam designed as a reinforced concrete embankment erected on emergent bedrock that equally forms a natural embankment.The water intake structure shall be fitted with special equipment that traps any solid matter found in the water (sand, pebbles, floating waste).The intake structure feeder canal shall be built with a very gentle slope on the left bank of the river,...

Madagascar : Transformer le pays en plateforme commerciale régionale avec la Banque africaine de développement

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, le 5 août 2019 - La Banque africaine de développement organise, du 5 au 7 août 2019, à Madagascar, un atelier de lancement du Projet d’aménagement de corridors et facilitation du commerce (PACFC). Cet atelier veut examiner avec le gouvernement malgache, les dispositions nécessaires à la mise en œuvre du projet, signé en décembre 2018. Le projet, d’un montant total de 156 millions de USD, est cofinancé à hauteur de 90 millions de dollars par un prêt du Fonds africain de développement et 45 millions de dollars par l’Union européenne, entre autres, dans le but de...

Namibia hails milestone as it launches expanded Walvis Bay Port

Namibian President Hage Geingob has hailed the expansion of the Walvis Bay port as a new chapter in the country’s economic transformation. Geingob officially launched the refurbished harbour on 2 August 2019, together with Gerson Hinda, Chairperson of the Board the Namibian Port Authority (Namport) and Noel Kulemeka, Operations Manager of the Southern Africa office of the African Development Bank, representing Akinwumi A. Adesina, the Bank’s President. “What we are witnessing today is thus a culmination of a long-cherished vision of transforming the predominantly fishing harbour...

EOI - Somalia - Technical Assistant/ Procurement Specialist

The Federal Government of Somalia has applied for financing from the African Development Bank toward the cost of the Road Infrastructure Programme (RIP), and intends to apply part of the agreed amount for this grant to payments under the contract for an Individual Consultant/ Technical Assistant - Procurement Specialist for Ministry of Public Works, Reconstruction and Housing (MPWR&H) under the Project

AOI - Sénégal - Projet de renforcement de l’alimentation en eau pour multi usages sur l’axe Louga – Thies – Dakar, à partir de la station de Keur Momar Sarr

La Société Nationale des Eaux du Sénégal (SONES) a obtenu un financement de la Banque Africaine de Développement pour financer le coût du Projet de construction d’une 3ème usine de traitement d’eau potable à Keur Momar Sarr et ses renforcements en aval. Il est prévu qu’une partie des sommes accordées au titre de ce financement sera utilisée pour effectuer les paiements prévus au titre des marchés de réalisation : LOT 1 : Travaux de construction d’un château d’eau de capacité     2 500 m3 à Thiès​ et LOT 2 : Travaux de fourniture et pose de canalisations en...

AOI - Sénégal - Travaux de construction de deux châteaux d’eau de 2 500 m3, d’un réservoir au sol de 10 000 m3 et d’une station de pompage de 6 300 m3/h à Dakar 2

La Société Nationale des eaux du Sénégal (SONES) a obtenu un financement de la Banque Africaine de Développement pour financer le coût du Projet de construction d’une 3ème usine de traitement d’eau potable à Keur Momar Sarr et ses renforcements en aval. Il est prévu qu’une partie des sommes accordées au titre de ce financement sera utilisée pour effectuer les paiements prévus au titre des marchés de réalisation des TRAVAUX DE CONSTRUCTION DE DEUX CHATEAUX D’EAU DE 2 500 M3, D’UN RESERVOIR AU SOL DE 10 000 M3 ET D’UNE STATION DE POMPAGE DE 6 300 M3/H A DAKAR 2.

Burkina faso - Leraba plain management and development project (paval) - Appraisal reports

The Léraba Plain Management and Development Project (PAVAL) constitutes a transformational operation since harnessing the Niofila dam water resources will enable the gravity irrigation of 1410 ha and the construction of infrastructure complexes to create micro-development hubs likely to boost the local economy. The choice of the technical options is based on various studies conducted during project preparation, namely the detailed design of the facilities, the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA), the socio-economic study and the baseline study. The project design emphasises an...