Malawi - Rural Income Enhancement Project (RIEP) - Project Completion Report

Le projet avait trois composantes et neuf sous-composantes. Les principales composantes sont indiquées ci-après : (A). Développement agricole, (B). Infrastructure rurale, et (C) Gestion et coordination du projet. La composante Développement agricole comptait cinq sous-composantes, à savoir i) formation et fourniture de services e vulgarisation ; ii) multiplication des semences ; iii) conservation du sol et de l’eau ; iv) développement de l’élevage, et v) petits périmètres d’irrigation. La composante Infrastructure comprenait deux sous-composantes, à savoir vi) amélioration de l’alimentation...

2005-2009 - Malawi - Results-Based Country Strategy Paper: Mid-Term Review Report

The Boards of Directors considered the Results-Based Country Strategy Paper (RBCSP) for Malawi (ADB/BD/WP/2005/103 – ADF/BD/WP/2008/115), on 24 November 2005. The 2005-2009 RBCSP is anchored on the country’s second-generation Medium Term Poverty Reduction Strategy, the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS). During consideration of the RBCSP, the Board noted with concern that real GDP growth rates, domestic resource mobilization and social expenditure remain inadequate to reduce poverty in Malawi. They expressed satisfaction that the MGDS provides the basis for a balanced poverty...

Malawi - Poverty Reduction Project - Completion Report

The project’s primary objective as set in the appraisal report was to reduce poverty in urban and rural Malawi within the context of the Poverty Alleviation Program (PAP) which was the guiding development strategy of GoM between 1995 and 2001. The specific objectives were to: (i) strengthen poverty monitoring systems, (ii) increase decentralized funding resources, (iii) build district and community-level capacity, and (iv) support micro-finance operations, in seven districts over five years.

AfDB Group Board Approves Over US$ 187 Million for Five African Countries

Tunis, 24 September 2008 – The governments and businesses in five African Countries – Djibouti, Nigeria, Zambia, Mali and Malawi – will benefit from a combined multi-purpose funding of US$ 187 million approved by the Board of Directors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group today in Tunis. The approvals comprise four private sector financing with a combined value of US$ 102.6 million to three countries and two public sector projects worth US$ 73.8 million in two countries. Under the private sector, the AfDB Board approved a US$ 80 million senior loan to finance the Doraleh...

African Development Bank Doubles Soft-Loan Funds for Malawi - President Kaberuka Visits Malawi

Lilongwe, 30 July 2008 – The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group has more than doubled its soft-loan window funding for Malawi, the Bank Group’s President, Donald Kaberuka, said in Lilongwe, Malawi, on Wednesday. "Under our new soft loan lending cycle (2008-10), Malawi will receive a significant allocation -- more than doubling its level of previous resources to just under US$ 200 million," Mr. Kaberuka said at the official opening of the AfDB Malawi Country Office.  He said the decision was based on Malawi’s good economic performance. Mr. Kaberuka said that due to...

Malawi - Mwanza Rural Development Project - Completion Report

The project’s immediate objectives were to: increase the incomes and welfare of the smallholder population of Mwanza District; protect the land resources, maintain long term productivity of the land; and improve the nation’s balance of payments by increasing production of export and import substitution of agricultural commodities.

AfDB Group’s Malawi Field Office Opens for Business

Lilongwe, 20 June 2007 – The African Development Bank Group’s Malawi Field Office (MWFO) is open for business following the presentation of letters of accreditation by the Resident Representative, Mr. Frank Kufakwandi, to the country’s foreign affairs minister, Hon Joyce Banda, on Tuesday in Lilongwe. Mr. Kufakwandi informed the minister about the Bank’s appreciation of the country’s achievement in macroeconomic stability, its growth rate of 8% in 2006, and its improved performance in the agriculture sector which recorded a bumper harvest during the 2006 season. He emphasized the...

Malawi, Poverty Reduction, Economic & Financial Governance

Tunis, 10 April 2007 –The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund on Wednesday in Tunis approved a US$ 22 million loan to support the implementation of the government of Malawi’s strategy to reduce poverty. The resources will be used to reinforce economic reforms and good governance policies, and strengthen public financial management. The Poverty Reduction Support Loan (PRSL) is an operation to align the assistance strategies of the Bank Group and other donors with national priorities as articulated in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS). The operation has...

Malawi-ADF Supports Secondary Education Project

Tunis, 7 June 2006 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional arm of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group on Wednesday in Tunis approved a grant of 15 million Units of Account (UA*) equivalent to US$ 22.41 million to finance an education project in Malawi. The objective of the ‘Support to Secondary Education (Education V) Project’ is to improve the quality, equity and relevance of secondary education, especially at the Community Day Secondary Schools (CDSS) across the country. Generally, the project is expected to enhance efforts to achieve...

2005 - Malawi - Profil multisectoriel de genre par pays

La Constitution du Malawi consacre l’égalité entre les hommes et les femmes et interdit toute discrimination fondée sur le sexe. Le gouvernement malawien (GM) a réitéré son engagement de promouvoir l’égalité entre les hommes et les femmes par la signature de conventions régionales et internationales sur la protection de la femme et de l’enfant. Il a également mis en place une Politique nationale du genre ainsi qu’un Programme national sur le genre chargé de la mise en œuvre de cette politique. Le Document de stratégie pour la réduction de la pauvreté du Malawi (DSRPM) et la Stratégie de...

Malawi Gets US$ 21 Million Grant for Health Sector

Tunis, 24 January 2006 – The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group and the government of Malawi have signed a 15-million (about 21.44 million US dollars) grant agreement to finance programs in the country’s health sector. The Bank’s acting Vice President in charge of West and Central Operations, Mr. Mohammed Gharbi and Malawi’s Ambassador to Egypt, Mr. Yahaya M’Madi, signed the agreement in Tunis on Monday. The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the AfDB approved the grant in November 2005, to help the county finance  the...

2005-2009-Malawi-Country Strategy Paper

The objective of the 2005-09 CSP is to provide the Bank Group with an assistance strategy in Malawi that contributes to poverty reduction and socio-economic development. The CSP is linked to the successor strategy of the Malawi Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (MPRSP), the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS), which will run from 2006 to 2011. The Bank’s strategy, with its focus on rural poverty, aims to assist government to promote rural development, especially by addressing the problem of food insecurity, investing in human capital, institutional capacity, infrastructure and...

ADF supports Good Governance enhancement in Malawi

Enter your complete press release hereThe African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank (ADB) Group will support the Good Governance programmes in Malawi. The Acting Vice President for the North, South and East operations of the ADB Group, Mrs. Zeinab El Bakri, and the Malawi Ambassador to Egypt, Mr.Yahya M’Madi, signed today in Tunis a loan agreement for the Support to Good Governance Program. The Bank Group’s contribution for the financing of this project amounts to 12 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to US$ 18.38 million. The...

The ADF supports good governance in Malawi

The proposed program aims at enhancing accountability and transparency throughout Malawi’s public sector and supporting targeted legal reforms aimed at improving access to justice, curbing corruption, and accelerating the law reform process. To this end, the loan will help Malawi meet its external financing gap for 2004 towards enabling the Government implements the governance improving measures, which are articulated under the Malawi Poverty Reduction Strategy. The loan program targets reforms in the following two main areas: Improving accountability and transparency in public...

2004-Southern Africa-Regional Assistance Strategy Paper

The Regional Assistance Strategy Paper (RASP) for Southern Africa is the first in the series of assistance strategy papers with a regional integration focus to be prepared by the African Development Bank. The Bank Group policy on Economic Co-operation and Regional Integration, which, was approved by the Boards of Directors in March 2001 requires the Bank to select and support organisations that can effectively foster regional integration efforts. Consistent with the founding mission of the Bank Group, regional integration has re-emerged as one of the central mandates of the 8th and 9th...

ADF Supports Good Governance in Malawi

The Board of Directors of the ADF on Wednesday in Tunis approved a loan of 12 million Units of Account (UA), equivalent to 17.63 million US dollars in support of Malawi’s efforts to implement the policy reforms program aimed at promoting good governance in the country’s public sector. The loan will be used to support the enhancement of accountability and transparency throughout Malawi’s public sector and targeted legal reforms aimed at improving access to justice, curbing corruption, and accelerating the law reform process. The aim is that the rigorous implementation of this program will...

Refurbishment on the African Development Bank – Malawi Country Office

The African Development Bank (the “Bank”) invites bids from contractorsregistered as a building contractor in the MK500,000,000 categoryor above of The National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) of Malawi, for the outfitting worksand related services as described in the Invitation to Bid (ITB)which is available on the African Development Bank website alsoobtainable from the Bank’s office in Malawiwhich is located on 2ndFloor, Kang’ombe House, City Centre Lilongwe,...