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Non-Regional Governors’ Forum on the Bank’s 6th General Capital Increase - Opening Remarks by the AfDB President Donald Kaberuka

Event: Non-Regional Governors’ Forum on the Sixth General Capital Increase of the AfDB Before the financial and economic crisis, the Bank Group had carefully crafted, a Medium Term Strategy 2008-2012 to chart the way ahead. That strategy did not envisage a GCI until 2013 at the earliest. It was, at the same time, a strategy predicated on continued solid growth in most African countries and the role of the Bank in supporting that growth through better infrastructure, stronger private sector, robust institutions and greater economic integration. As the global economic turbulence reached...

Non-Regional Governors’ Forum on the Bank’s 6th General Capital Increase - Closing Remarks by the AfDB President Donald Kaberuka

Event: Non-Regional Governors’ Forum on the Sixth General Capital Increase of the AfDB I think these three days in the Cape have been extremely productive. As Petra and our Canadian colleague have said, the fact that we could spend three days talking about the Bank is encouraging for the people we serve. I think your regional colleague will very much welcome this outcome. For us we see it as very strong support and we are confident that the General Capital Increase will be a substantial one which will allow us to increase our lending. Now we are also fully aware of the list of things...

ADF 12 Replenishment - Closing Remarks by the AfDB President Donald Kaberuka

Event: ADF 12 Replenishment As we come to the end of these two highly productive days, I very much welcome your unanimous endorsement of our strategic directions; an attempt by the Bank to focus and be selective - this is not an easy matter for IFIs. No matter how committed we all are to selectivity, complementarity, focus and division of labour, it is a constant battle to avoid strategic drift. Navigating between core issues, cross-cutting issues and dealing with the emerging issues requires tough decisions. But your endorsement of the strategic direction of the Fund is encouraging and...

ADF 12 Replenishment Second Consultation Meeting

As part of Second Meeting of the Twelfth Replenishment of the Africain Development Fund (ADF-12), the African Development Bank President, Donald Kaneruka, delivered, on 22 February 2010, his opening statement. Below are key elements of his statement: We have, together, in successive previous cycles achieved a great deal on the continent. The Fund has demonstrated its dexterity, its relevance and its place in the aid architecture. Now, as we go forward: We essentially face three challenges which I would describe as: Consolidating gains and preventing slippages Sustaining...

C10 Calls on Non Regional Member Countries to Support General Capital Increase

The Committee of Ten held its fourth meeting on 21 February 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa, and called upon the non-regional governors to join the regional members in supporting the general capital increase. The C10 communiqué said: “We believe a generous replenishment of the ADF will be important for low income countries and is complementary to the general capital increase”. The meeting was opened and chaired by Mr Pravin Gordhan, South Africa’s Finance Minister, and its objectives were to: take stock of the impact of the crisis; consider measures for recovery and the restoration of...

AfDB Helps South Africa Tackle Energy Crisis-Approves €1.86 Billion Loan for Medupi Power Project

Tunis, 26 November 2009 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved €1.86 billion (UA 1.70 billion) loan for South Africa’s energy utility company, Eskom Holdings Limited, to finance a power project that will significantly boost the energy capacity of South Africa and the southern African region. AfDB President Donald Kaberuka commenting on the conclusion of this operation said: “South Africa's energy problem has been a major impediment to Africa’s leading economy. The Bank is pleased to be associated with this project. We look forward to working with South Africa towards achieving...

Vice President Pittman successfully led the AfDB delegation to the second African Water Week

The second African Water Week held in Johannesburg under the theme “Carrying forward the commitments of the Sharm El Sheikh AU summit on Water and Sanitation: A Sprint to the finish” has ended. This theme underscores the realities of Africa’s water security and sanitation and the urgency of the need to implement those key commitments made by the political leadership in accelerating progress towards the achievements of the MDGs and the African Water Vision and Framework for Action targets for water and sanitation. The African Development Bank (AfDB) contributed to the conference by making...

The AfDB at Second African Water Week (AWW-2) in South Africa, 9-13 November 2009

Tunis, 4 November 2009 – A high level delegation from the African Development Bank (AfDB), led by the Vice President Infrastructure, Private Sector and Regional integration, Mr. Bobby Pittman, will take part in the Second African Water Week (AWW-2), to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 9-13 November, 2009. The first African Water Week was organized by the AfDB jointly with the African Ministers’s Council on Water (AMCOW) and held in March 2008, in Tunis. Having gathered more than 500 participants, the event was considered as a tremendous success. One of the main outcomes was a...

AfDB Receives Africa Investor Award as Sponsor of the Year

Tunis, 26 October 2009 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) has been awarded “Sponsor of the Year” Award by Africa Investor magazine, in South Africa. The award was given, 22 October 2009, in recognition of AfDB’s support to Main One cable project, a fiber optic submarine cable to be implemented in West Africa. In September 2009, the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) and Main One Cable Company signed a loan agreement of USD 61 million towards the development of a submarine fiber optic cable connection along the West African coast. With this investment, the Bank further expanded its...

President Kaberuka participates at DBSA’s Annual Meeting in Durban

This week, AfDB President Donald Kaberuka is participating in the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) Annual Meeting on 26 and 27 August in Durban. The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group and the DBSA have maintained a strong long-standing partnership as a recipient of Bank financing through Lines of Credit (LOCs) and as a co-financier under the African Financing Partnership. Between 1997 and 2006, the Bank has extended four LOCs to the DBSA to finance infrastructure projects in South Africa and SADC member-countries to the tune of  ZAR 840 million (1997); US$70 million (...

South Africa: Launch of the African Economic Outlook 2009

Challenges and Opportunities in Times of Crisis The 2009 edition of the African Economic Outlook (AEO) has been launched in Pretoria on 27 July 2009 at the National Treasury, Pretoria. The 2009 Outlook covers 47 African countries, up from 35 last year. The report finds the region gravely affected by the global economic downturn. Following half a decade of above 5 per cent economic growth, the continent can expect only 2.8 per cent in 2009, less than half of the 5.7 per cent expected before the crisis. The AEO’s authors anticipate growth rebounding to 4.5 per cent in 2010....

South Africa -The Medupi Power Plant Project of ESKOM - Executive ESIA Summary

In order to meet the objectives as set out in the South African Energy Policy as well as to meet developmental and socio-economic objectives in South Africa, the country needs to optimally use the available energy resources. Eskom is required to respond to the longer term growing electricity demand of approximately 3% per annum. The construction of a Medupi coal-fired power station in the Lephalale (previously Ellisras) area was identified as the most favored feasible option for the first new power station, that is proposed to operate at an installed capacity of approximately 4,800 MW.

Interview with AfDB Chief Research Economist, Peter Ondiege, following the release of the Africa Competitiveness Report

Question: What is the Africa Competitiveness Report? Answer: The Africa Competitiveness Report (ACR) 2009 is a joint report of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the World Bank, which examines the competitiveness of African economies, using various criteria. The ACR presents a unified vision and mapping of the policy challenges that African countries need to address to preserve the foundations for sustainable economic growth. The ACR 2009 examines many aspects of Africa’s business environment and, more generally, themes that will boost the...

2009 World Economic Forum on Africa

Theme: "Implications of the Global Economic Crisis for Africa" The 19th World Economic Forum on Africa provides an important platform for world leaders to address the global and regional implications of the financial crisis and develop a new roadmap for Africa’s future. The launch by the African Development Bank of the 2009 Africa Competitiveness Report will provide valuable insight for these deliberations. Discussion will focus on the impact of the crisis on Africa’s traditional drivers of growth including foreign capital flows, demand for oil and commodities, and infrastructure...

AfDB Supports Satellite Communication in Africa-A Senior Loan of US$ 25 million to finance the New Dawn Satellite Project

Tunis, 11 March 2009 - The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group on Wednesday in Tunis approved a loan of US$ 25 million for the New Dawn Satellite Project. The project comprises the design, construction, launch and operation of a pan-African communications satellite system into the 33° East orbital location, ideally positioned to serve the African continent. The satellite, which will comprise 30 physical transponders operating in the C and Ku frequency bands, will provide services in Africa for cellular backhaul, Internet backbone, corporate networking, TV relay...

Media Professionals Call for Collaboration with NEPAD and Stakeholders

February 20, 2009 - African media experts, managers, and journalists from various state-run and private organizations along with communication practitioners from regional institutions, including the AUC, NEPAD Secretariat, UNECA, UNDPI, UNAIDS, OSAA and the AfDB, last Friday, February 20, 2009, in Johannesburg, called on each other to closely collaborate in efforts at delivering development information in Africa. The NEPAD Media Dialogue, the first of its kind, gave media scholars, journalists and practitioners from the US, UK, and across African continent the opportunity to brainstorm on...

2004-2008 - South Africa - Regional Assistance Strategy Paper

The Regional Assistance Strategy Paper (RASP) for Southern Africa covering the period, 2004 – 2008 was approved by the Board of Directors on the 5th of October 2004. It was the first regional assistance strategy prepared by the African Development Bank Group and concentrates on the group of countries that belong to the Southern African Development Community (SADC). It seeks to establish complementarities between the Bank’s clientfocused country strategy papers and its sub-regional interventions.

2008-2012 - South Africa - Country Strategy Paper

The 2008-2012 Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for South Africa has been developed in collaboration with the National Treasury – the Bank’s principal counterpart in South Africa – and through consultations with other country stakeholders. It outlines the recent economic and social developments in the country, identifies the challenges the country is facing, and proposes a medium-term Bank Group intervention strategy that is in line with the country's development agenda and regional integration aspirations as well as the Bank Group Vision Statement. The CSP provides the framework for the Bank’s...

AfDB Private Sector Operations in South Africa - AfDB extends US$ 500 Million Loan to Eskom Holdings Ltd

Tunis, 7 August 2007 – South Africa’s national electricity company, Eskom Holdings Limited, will benefit from the biggest loan ever granted by the Private Sector window of the African Development Bank (AfDB). The US$ 500 million program loan approved by the AfDB Board of Directors will help enhance the capacity of the South African utility through investment in generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure. After two decades of power surplus, South Africa is experiencing for the first time a closely matched supply and demand of power.  Currently the utility’s reserve...

AfDB Department Participates in Capacity Building Workshop

A workshop on capacity building in Africa held in Johannesburg, South Africa, between November 21-23, focused on the following main themes: a) Strengthening Capacities for National Agriculture and Rural Development in Africa, b) Capacity Challenges for Delivering Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), c) Capacity Building for Regional Economic Communities, d) AfDB Experience in Capacity Building in Infrastructure, and e) Strengthening the Delivery of Health Services in Africa. The workshop was organized by the NEPAD Secretariat, African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) and the South...