Ghana-Togo-Benin - Power Interconnection Project - ESMP Summary

The Volta-Mome Hagou-Sakété 330 kV line project aims at providing power interconnection between the Zone A countries of the EEEAO/WAPP, namely Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria. It is a key factor that would promote electric power trade between the countries, and is the first interconnection phase to development and rationalize the use of diversified sources of electric power supply in West Africa.

Togo: US$ 3.75 Million ADF Grant for Capacity Building and Bird Flu Control Programme

Tunis, 23 August 2006 – The Government of Togo will receive US$ 3.75 million from the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group to finance its capacity building support project and an Avian Flu control programme following the signing of two grant protocols at the Bank on Wednesday in Tunis. The grant protocols for UA 2.2 million, equivalent to US$ 3.25 million, for the Institutional Capacity Building Project in the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Privatisation and US$ 500,000 to finance a National Bird Flu Control Programme,...

2006 - Togo - Country Dialogue Paper

Introduction : this Country Dialogue Paper is a follow-up to the one submitted to the Boards for information in January 2005 (ADF/BD/IF//2005/09 of 18 January 2005). Its objective is to inform once again the Boards of Directors on recent developments in Togo and to propose, for 2006-2007, a strategy for strengthening dialogue with the Government and consultation with other development partners that can foster the resumption of Bank Group interventions in Togo.

African Water Facility’s first grant supports the establishment of the Volta Basin Authority

Ouagadougou, 7 April 2006-The African Water Facility (AWF) supports the formal establishment of the Volta Basin Authority (VBA) by providing its first grant of 165 000 Euros to the Volta Basin Technical Committee (VBTC) through an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulics and Fisheries in Burkina Faso. "This first AWF grant is crucial for the establishment of the new Volta Basin Authority as it will facilitate the creation of a common convention between the six riparian countries Burkina Faso, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, Benin and Mali", says Mr. Kordjé Bedoumra, Director of...

2005 - Togo - Country Dialogue Paper

The Boards of Directors approved the last Country Strategy Paper (CSP) on Togo for the 1999-2001 period within the ADF-VIII framework. The Bank Group’s operating strategy targeted the following priority sectors: the social sector (poverty reduction), the transport sector and support for reforms. Within the ADF-VIII framework, two projects were appraised and negotiated, and one study prepared. These operations were not submitted to the Board of Directors since the country has been under sanctions since August 2001 on account of persisting arrears. This Dialogue Paper – the first since the...

1999-2001-Togo-Country Strategy Paper

The last Country Strategy Paper for the Republic of Togo approved by the Boards in September 1996 covered the period 1996-1998. It aimed at a high and sustainable economic growth geared towards poverty reduction. It put forward a normal lending programme shifting to an enlarged programme during the document’s update in view of the efforts made in the implementing of economic reforms during the fourth quarter of 1996 and in 1997. The priority sectors of intervention were the transport sector, public utilities, agriculture and support to economic reforms for a change in a country ranked among...