Tchad - Projet de bitumage de la route Moudou - Doba-Koumra-Sarh - ESIA Summary

Le projet concerne le bitumage de la route Koumra – Sarh au sud du pays sur une distance de 110 km. Ce projet s’inscrit dans le cadre global de l’aménagement de la route Moundou – Sarh (300 Km) pour lequel l’Union Européenne prend part au titre du 9è FED aux côtés de l’Etat tchadien. Le tronçon concerné par l’intervention du Groupe de la BAD est donc un prolongement des travaux en cours, cofinancés par l’UE et le Tchad, sur les tronçons Moundou – Doba et Doba – Koumra. L’intervention du Groupe de la BAD a pour objectifs d’améliorer : (i) l’efficacité du secteur de transports dans les...

The Bank is driving the African Continent forward through financing of regional Transport and Energy infrastructure programs

Africa’s leading Financial Institution, the African Development Bank Group (AfDB), has placed both infrastructure and regional integration at the centre of its operations.  AfDB’s development approach gives high priority to promoting regional cooperation and integration to enable countries of Africa to gain from economies of scale and the benefits of larger markets that improve the productive capacity of Africa’s economy. Having identified infrastructure and regional integration as major parameters for economic growth and poverty reduction in Africa, the New Partnership for Africa's...

Morocco - Airport Project - ESMP Summary

Le Projet concerne la mise à niveau des infrastructures aéroportuaires en vue d’assurer un système de transport aérien mieux sécurisé en conformité avec les normes internationales, couvrant la totalité de l’espace aérien, et d’améliorer la capacité d’accueil des passagers et du traitement des bagages accompagnés. Les composantes portent sur les travaux d’aménagement et/ou d’extension y compris l’équipement des bâtiments d’aérogares (Casablanca, Fès, Saiss, Marrakech), les travaux d’extension des infrastructures aéronautiques associées (parkings, bretelles, taxiways…) et la fourniture et...

Multinational - Study on the Road - Rail Bridge Between Kinshasa and Brazzaville and the Kinshasa - Ilebo Railroad

Under their cooperation within the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), the governments of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Republic of Congo (RC) decided on the implementation of a project involving the construction of a bridge across the Congo River to link the capitals of the two countries, and of a 1,015 km railway to connect the cities of Kinshasa and Ilebo in the DRC. In order to build these infrastructures, ECCAS, on behalf of the two governments, submitted to the Bank a request for the financing of the study on the road-railway bridge between Kinshasa...

Beyond Commodity Booms and the Road Ahead: A Case for Africa

"…over the last 40 years or so, geology has been a critical factor in Africa’s economic growth. However, it is in the last decade that it has emerged as a prominent driver of economic growth. A number of natural resource-rich countries such as Botswana, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, and Algeria, have consistently posted GDP growth rates above 5% over a seven-year period, while in countries such as Angola and Equatorial Guinea, growth has been in double digit figures." AfDB Chief Economist, Round-Table, Energy and Natural Resources in the Mediterranean, Tunis

Côte d'Ivoire - Public Expenditure Management and Financial Accountability Review - PEMFAR (Finalized in November 2008)

This joint report is the fruit of the permanent dialogue and coordination between the Government of Côte d’Ivoire and the major multilateral technical and financial partners in the area of public expenditure management. It was prepared under the leadership of the World Bank with the participation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the African Development Bank (ADB) and the European Commission (EC). The report has a triple objective. First of all, in terms of the Government, it is intended to encourage the development and implementation of a Government Action Plan for improving Public...

Cameroon - Road Improvement in the West Littoral and South Provinces Project Completion - Completion Report

Cameroon is a Central African country located between Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Congo and the Gulf of Guinea. It has an area of 475 442 km² and a population of about 16 380 000 inhabitants (2005). The most densely populated provinces (over 100 inhabitants per km²) are the West, Littoral and North-west provinces. On the other hand, the Adamoua, East and South provinces are very sparsely populated (less than 15 inhabitants per km²). The project – subject of this report – focuses on a road improvement programme in the West, Littoral and South...

Senegal - Diamniadio Highway Construction Project - RAP Summary

The Dakar-Diamniadio-Thiès highway is one of the major infrastructural projects that seeks to: (i) recreate the optimal conditions that would enable Dakar to fully play its role as an economic centre; (ii) ensure balanced development of the country; (iii) define and implement enhanced policies on urban transport, the environment, housing, hygiene and sanitation; and (iv) as regards transport, restore the conditions required for the consolidation of growth and promote the emergence of new investment and economic development zones on the Dakar-Thiès highway. The highway is also expected to...

Tunisia - Monastir and Enfhida Airports Project - RAP Summary

TAV Airports Holding Co. (“TAV”) is one of the leading airport construction and operation companies in the Eastern Europe, North Africa, Middle-East and Caucasus region.

Egypt: USD 150 Million Loan to Damietta Container Terminal

Tunis, 5 December 2007 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group approved on Tuesday in Tunis, a USD 150 million loan to finance the Damietta container terminal situated on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast. The project’s objective is to contribute to the country’s economic growth of the Egyptian economy through the development of maritime transport at the international level. The project comprises the: Construction of quay walls; Dredging of the access channel and turning basin; Installation of the modern transshipment equipment; and Development of...

Tanzania: US$ 92 Million Loan for Road Project

Tunis, 17 September 2007 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, on Monday in Tunis, approved a loan of 60 million Units of Account (UA*) equivalent to US$ 92 million, to finance the upgrading of a road network in central Tanzania. The project aims at improving essential road transportation services between Dodoma, Singida, Babati and Arusha, in order to integrate the region with the rest of the country. It will also help integrate the key central transport corridor in Tanzania with the...

Cameroon - Transport Facilitation Programme on the Bamendamamfe- Ekok-Mfum-Ogoja Junction- Abakaliki-Enugu Corridor - ESIA Summary

This program concerns transport facilitation on the Bamenda-Mamfe-Ekok section of NR6, which the Government of the Republic of Cameroon intends to build with the financial support of the African Development Bank. At the sectoral level, the program aims to contribute to increased trade and co-operation between CEMAC zone countries and those of the ECOWAS zone in general, and between Cameroon and Nigeria in particular. The specific objective of the program is to improve the effectiveness of the transport logistic chain along the Bamenda-Enugu corridor.

Uganda - Road Sector Support Project II (Upgrading of Fort Portal - Lamia Road) - ESIA Summary

The Government of Uganda intends to upgrade the 93 km Fort Portal – Lamia Road under the Road Sector Support Project II that is funded by African Development Bank (ADB). The existing road generally cuts along the contours of the Ruwenzori mountain slopes. The road links Bundibugyo and parts of north eastern Congo with the rest of the Country and indeed the Indian Ocean coast. Its upgrading to bitumen standard is considered to be important, not only in terms of completing the national paved road circuit, but also for international transit traffic to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Pan African Infrastructure Development Fund (PAIDF)-AfDB Group Proposes US$ 50 Million Investment in PAIDF

Tunis, 25 April 2007 – The African Development Bank (AfDB) has teamed up with major African investors to generate up to US$ 450 million in the first instance to finance a Pan-African Infrastructure Development Fund (PAIDF), a close-end private equity fund that will invest in infrastructure projects in the Energy, transport, ICT, water and sanitation sectors. The Bank will contribute US50 million to the fund and another US$ 1 million to the management of the fund which was approved by the Board of Directors on Wednesday in Tunis. The Fund’s objective is to invest directly in...

Cameroon-CAR-Chad - Transport Facilitation Program on the Douala - Bangui and Douala - N'djamena Corridors - ESIA Summary

The investments to be carried out under this program concern: (i) the rehabilitation and/or treatment of the critical points on the 990-km road between Douala-Yaoundé and Ngaoundéré - Garoua in Cameroon; (ii) widening into a dual carriageway of the 6-km road between Walia and Ngueli and resurfacing of 3 km in Chad; (iii) works on and asphalting of 260 km of the road between Garoua Boulaï and Ngaoundéré as well as the Kousséri by-pass road in Cameroon; (iv) works on and asphalting of the 154-km road between Bouar in Central African Republic, and Garoua Boulaï in Cameroon; (v) rehabilitation of...

Multinational - Programme de facilitation du transport sur les corridors douala Bangui et douala N’Djamena - Resumé PGES

Le présent programme concerne l’aménagement et le renforcement des routes des corridors Douala-Ngaoundere et Bouar-Garoua Boulaï, la construction d’un pont à 2 voies d'une longueur de 230 ml sur le Logone à Ngueli à la frontière entre le Cameroun et le Tchad, l’amélioration du chemin de fer Douala-Ngaoundere, l’aménagement des travaux connexes et action et mesure de facilitation et du transport et du transit. Le coût estimatif hors taxes et droits de douane du projet est de 360,08 millions d’UC.

Sierra Leone: AfDB Group Supports Transport Sector

Ouagadougou, 18 May, 2006  - The African Development Fund and the Government of Sierra Leone today in Ouagadagou signed a grant agreement of 1.99 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to US$ 2.93 million, to finance the Maotoka to Sefadu Road Studies and Institutional Support Project. The project will contribute to the development of the transport sector which will support national economic and social development objectives. The agreement was signed by Mrs. Zeinab El-Bakri, ADB Group Vice President of Operations (OCVP) and Mr. John O. Benjamin, Sierra Leonean Minister of Finance...

An ADF Grant to Boost the Transport Sector in Sierra Leone

Tunis, March 9, 2006– The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF) approved today in Tunis, a grant of UA 1.99 Million to finance the Matotoka to Sefadu road studies and institutional support to the transport sector in Sierra Leone. The overall sector goal is to contribute to the development of the transport sector in Sierra Leone in order to support the national economic and social development objectives by increasing access of rural farming population and urban poor to market centers and social and economic services. The objectives of the road study component are to...

Ouverture de l'atelier sur le partenariat global en matière de transport

TUNIS, le 28 février 2006 – L’atelier de deux jours sur le partenariat global sur la connaissance du transport a été ouvert ce matin à Tunis par Mr Abderrahim Zouari, ministre tunisien des transports. Dans son discours d’ouverture, M. Zouari a félicité le groupe de la Banque africaine de développement pour ses résultats dans le domaine du transport au niveau des pays membres régionaux et particulièrement en Tunisie où il a financé plusieurs projets en matière de transport routier et ferroviaire. M. Birama Sidibe, vice-président par intérim chargé du complexe des opérations Nord,...

AfDB Hosts Global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP) Workshop

The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group will host a Global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP) Assembly and Workshop from 28 February to 1 March 2006 in Hotel Africa in Tunis. The gathering, to be attended by government officials, representatives of development institutions and stakeholders in the transport sector from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and other parts of the world, will be officially opened by the Tunisian Minister of Transport, Mr. Abderrahim Zouari. The deliberations will focus on four major themes: Transport and Health, Transport and Exclusion, Demand...