AfDB Annual Meetings 2011 - Opening remarks by the AfDB President Donald Kaberuka

Event: 2011 AfDB Annual Meetings Opening Session This has been another momentous year in the life of the Bank. I am pleased to report that, with your support, we continued to strive to fulfill our mandate as a flexible, responsive institution. The various reports and documentation before you aptly describe our condition: robust financial health; solid performance despite the turbulence in the months leading to – and the aftermath of the Tunisian Revolution. Proof, if any was needed,  of the underlying strength of our institution; able, to deliver results as good as the peers despite...

AfDB Pledges Support for Science and Technology Education to Boost Economic Growth and Job Creation

Africa has enjoyed healthy growth over recent year, but to help maintain this growth, it needs to harness Science and Technology Innovations (STI).  That means training people for STI, integrating into the global market, and preparing to compete hard in a world fueled by information and driven by knowledge, experts said at the Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) on 6 June, 2011. Addressing a forum at the Meetings held in Lisbon, Mr Boukary Savadogo, the Division Chief  Education at AfDB, stressed that African countries need to find better ways...

Africa’s Middle Class Triples to more than 310m over Past 30 Years Due to Economic Growth and Rising Job Culture, Reports AfDB

The number of middle class Africans has tripled over the last 30 years to 313 million people, or more than 34% of the continent’s population, according to a new report from the African Development Bank (AfDB).  The reasons for the increase in size and purchasing power of the African middle class include strong economic growth, and a move towards a stable, salaried job culture and away from traditional agricultural activities. The report ‘The Middle of the Pyramid: Dynamics of the Middle Class in Africa’, however, warns that despite this phenomenon income inequality in Africa remains...

Working Paper 123 - Labor Market Dynamics in Tunisia: The Issue of Youth Unemployment

During the last 10 years, Tunisia has achieved consistently good macroeconomic performances. Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth amounted on average to 5 percent a year, and reached a record high 6.3 percent in 2007. Nonetheless, the Tunisian economy is characterized by high unemployment (14.2 percent in 2010). In particular, the high rate of unemployment among young graduates -which reached 47 percent in 2007 for individuals aged 23-29 years with a Master degree in law, economics and management- constitutes one of the key development challenges for the country.

World Population Day-Harnessing Potentials of Africa’s Youthful Population

With over 40% of its population below 15 years, Africa is by far the continent with the largest global youthful population.  But Africa is also the poorest continent in the world. A contradiction of sorts: A continent with nearly half its population comprised of youth; a land literally dripping with huge mineral and natural resources and a place where poverty seems to have found sublime abode. Generally, the word youth is synonymous with vigor, determination, inspiration, creativity and handwork.   “It is not possible for civilization to flow backwards while there is youth in...

Save the Children UK launches the Child Development Index

This is the first-ever global index comparing countries' performance on child well-being. It uses child-specific indicators in health, education and nutrition to rank countries in every region of the world. It is a vital tool for policy-making and development analysis worldwide. Until now, no mechanism existed to measure child well-being across the world. The index has revealed some surprising findings. "The Child Development Index fills a gap in policy-making. For the first time we can assess development across countries not only on the basis of economic growth or dollar-a-day poverty,...

Statement to the Third Annual African International Media Summit by the AfDB President Donald Kaberuka

Event: Third Annual African International Media Summit En plaçant le sujet de cet importante Conférence sous le thème « Médias et Jeunesse », les organisateurs nous offrent à tous, l’agréable opportunité de témoigner notre attachement à la jeunesse africaine et au partenariat avec la société civile tels les médias, deux composantes essentielles pour le rayonnement de l’Afrique, notre Afrique qui a souvent souffert des prismes déformants, d’un continent toujours secoué par les calamités naturelles et l’instabilité. Si cela était vrai il y a quelques années, il l’est beaucoup moins aujourd’...

Beyond Geology Managing Risks and Tapping Africa’s Talent for Growth - AfDB President Donald Kaberuka

Event: African Economic Conference 2007 I am glad to see many of our eminent economists and policy makers here and I look forward to a fruitful exchange. Our aim as I said last year at our maiden Conference in Tunis is to deploy our convening power to enable African professionals, think tanks and their colleagues abroad to share scientific thinking on the African economic condition. I am impressed by the scope, the variety and the continental reach of the papers at this Conference in a wide range of domains. My role is to give you our total encouragement and assure you of the AfDB full...

Youth and Leadership in the 21st Century - AfDB President Donald Kaberuka

Event: The African Development Forum In the year 2000, Africa’s distinguished son Kofi Annan, who honours us with his presence today, convened world leaders at the Millennium Summit. Historic commitments were made by both poor and rich nations; developing countries committed to better governance and ownership, while rich nations promised more resources, open markets, voice, action on global public goods and an overarching commitment to reduce by half the number of people living in poverty. The unprecedented level of prosperity in the world made, and still makes this, a laudable and...

International Mother Tongue Day - AfDB President Donald Kaberuka

Event: International Mother Tongue Day The African Development Bank is delighted to join UNESCO and the rest of the world in celebrating the International Mother Tongue Day this year. The significance of mother tongue to Africa cannot be over-emphasized, especially when one considers the estimated 700 languages and about 3000 dialects that co-exist in a continent of 885 million people, about 60 percent of whom live in rural areas. Further, only 50 of these languages are spoken among populations of more than one million. With a staff of about 1025 from 69 countries, 49 of which are...

African Youth Its Vitality, Its Creativity, Its Aspirations - AfDB President Donald Kaberuka

Event: 23rd Conference of Heads of State of Africa and France First, I would like to express my optimism regarding the progress made by the African countries during the current decade, which augurs well for a better future for their populations and youth in particular. Indeed, during this decade Africa has been characterized by steadily rising economic growth, enhanced governance, fewer conflicts and greater democratic change and transparency. The year 2005 has been particularly rich in events for the African continent. Here I wish to underscore the interest shown in Africa by its...

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