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Frequently asked questions

What is Client Connection and what purpose does it serve?

Client Connection is a web-based information service available to:

  • Borrowers from the African Development Bank Group
  • Guarantors of Loans signed with the African Development Bank Group.
  • Executing Agencies of projects financed by the African Development Bank Group.
  • Client Connection allows these African Development Bank partners to access information related to loans and grants through a secure, password-protected website.

What is the source of information in Client Connection?

The specific data on loans and grants come directly from the African Development Bank Group’s corporate data warehouse system (CDW); the information in the CDW itself comes directly from internal project management and loan accounting systems. Client Connection also brings together much of the information that is already available throughout the Bank’s public website – but it displays this information by country.

Who can use Client Connection?

Client Connection is available to:

  • Individuals in organizations that are borrowers or recipients of African Development Bank Group’s funds – primarily government ministries and entities established to manage the implementation of projects, as well as private sector borrowers;
  • Persons representing Borrowers, Guarantors and Project Execution Agencies;
  • Authorized staff members of the African Development Bank Group.

How does the registration process work?

Before any staff in an organization can access Client Connection, the organization itself must submit an application.

  • Borrowers that do business with the Bank should contact the Bank through any of its offices in order to submit the completed registration forms to register their institutions and at least two liaison officers for Client Connection. Appropriate forms will be sent out to Borrowers in due course.
  • The Liaison Officer will then serve as the interface with the ADB in administering user access.
  • Officials representing Borrowers, Guarantors, and Executing Agencies should submit their request for access to Client Connection to the liaison officers responsible for the account; upon approval, the Liaison Officers will complete the access request form for submission to the Bank through any of its nearest representative office for processing. The Client Connection Team will assign access rights to potential users and communicate these to them via their email addresses.
  • Authorized staff members of the African Development Bank Group may access Client Connection via the Bank’s intranet or internet site and then enter their BW user identification and password.

What are some of the specific features available in Client Connection for borrowers/recipients?

Most of the information and features currently available in Client Connection are related to disbursement of funds and procurement in the African Development Bank Group projects. For example, by logging in, a user can track the status of a withdrawal application that they have submitted to the African Development Bank. Based on that information, the individual will know precisely when a supplier will be paid or when funds will be available in the advance account in their bank. Additional functionalities to be developed in the near future include the online submission of requests for disbursement of project funds.
In addition, authorized users can access public and confidential data on a country’s overall lending portfolio through the “Country Analytics” feature. For example, the total number of disbursing, repaying, and repaid loans and the Monthly Disbursement Summary.

What are some of the specific features for donors?

Client Connection does not presently cater for the needs of donors; future enhancements to the system will address this issue.

Do we need any special software or systems to use Client Connection?

You will need to have an internet connection and we recommend a connection speed of 56 kbps or higher. No special software is needed to access Client Connection. Authorized Users will be able to access Client Connection from a link on the Bank’s web site ( You will need to have a computer with an internet browser (Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher) and Adobe Acrobat 6.0 for PDF forms. If you do not have a web browser installed, you can download it free from the web site Adobe Acrobat is also available free at the web site

Is the information on Client Connection really secure?

We have taken a number of measures to ensure the security of Client Connection data. Users of Client Connection will need to sign access agreements with Liaison Officers assigned to the Borrower accounts; the agreement will commit the users to keeping their password information confidential. Client Connection is also configured by the Bank so that there can be different levels of access. For example, a staff member in a country's Finance Ministry may be able to view the entire portfolio of a country. On the other end, for staff members in a project-implementing agency, their access to portfolio information would be limited to the specific project or subproject assigned to them. You will also note that some of the information on Client Connection is already available through the Bank's external website, but Client Connection brings the information together from an individual country's perspective.

Do we need training to use Client Connection?

We shall provide online help including a site tour, context-sensitive help, glossaries, reference material, user guide, and frequently asked questions. We have also prepared training materials that you can use in a classroom environment. For information on training, you should contact the Client Connection champion in your nearest ADB national/country/regional office. If you do not know who your champion is or have additional questions, you may send an e-mail to

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