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Financial Reporting

Corporate governance within the Bank is supported by appropriate financial and management reporting to both internal and external stakeholders. Based on the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO)internal control framework, the Bank has put in place a robust mechanism for the certification of the effectiveness of the internal controls over external financial reporting. This annual certification statement is signed by the President and Vice President - Finance as well as the Financial Controller. A separate attestation is also provided by the Bank’s external auditors. In addition, the Bank has a comprehensive system of reporting to the Board of Directors and its committees. This includes reporting by the Office of Auditor General to the Audit and Finance (AUFI) Committee of the Board of Directors.

In order to fulfill its external reporting mandate the Bank prepares its annual accounts in accordance with the prevailing International Financial Reporting Standards published by the International Accounting Standards Board. The Bank’s Financial Statements produced as part of its Annual Reports can be accessed through the Documents portal. Also, the IASB website should be consulted in order to view the Current list of IFRS and IASs, available to preparers of financial reports.